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Best GPU for Warzone 2 240Hz

Here are the best GPUs for super smooth Warzone 2.0 gameplay

Updated: Jul 3, 2023 1:39 pm
Best GPU for Warzone 2 240Hz

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You may require some high-quality hardware in order to play the new Warzone 2 game. As it is a game with a stronger emphasis on gameplay, running it at a higher refresh rate shouldn’t have to take up too many resources. What is the ideal GPU for Warzone 2 at 240Hz, then?

The bare minimum GPU requirement that is advised for Warzone 2’s system requirements is either a GTX 960 or RX 470. Thus, running it is not very difficult. However, these GPUs won’t function effectively in 1440p.

Since the size of 1440p is 78% greater than that of 1080p, there are many more pixels for the graphics card to render out. Therefore, you do need something more powerful, especially if you want to get a more competitive framerate alongside it.

Best GPU for Warzone 2 240Hz

The first recommended GPU for the Warzone 2 at 240Hz is AMD’s RX 6650 XT. We expected a considerable performance decline for the RX 6650 XT at 1440P, but once more, the card remained quite powerful and even outperformed some of its RTX rivals.

The RX 6650 XT’s strong performance was mostly due to AMD’s Resolution Scaling algorithms, which have grown over time. With AMD’s FSR 1.0 set to quality and 1440P Ultra pre-configured (High Settings), the RX 6650 XT provides a respectable FPS. Furthermore, with an MSRP of about $399, the RX 6650 XT has the lowest price among our top options for Warzone 2.0.

ASUS Dual AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT OC

ASUS Dual AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT OC

Core Clock Speed

2,055 MHz base, 2,689 MHz boost, 2689 MHz game

Stream Processors


Memory Size



243 x 134 x 49 mm

PSU Required


Second best GPU for Warzone 2 240Hz

The RTX 3060 Ti averaged a very acceptable FPS above 200Hz while we were playing Warzone 2.0. With a significantly sharper and cleaner output than its AMD counterpart, Nvidia’s DLSS is still the best AI resolution scaler available today. Because of this, we believe the FPS offered is great, and the RTX 3060Ti stands out on our list.

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

Video Memory


Memory Interface



DisplayPort x 3 (v1.4a) / HDMI 2.1 x 1

Digital maximum resolution

7680 x 4320

Third best GPU for Warzone 2 240Hz

Nvidia’s RTX 3070 is by far one of the fastest GPUs in terms of performance. This is another reliable card from Nvidia that features a GPU that works smoothly at 1440P and effortlessly surpasses the 240Hz threshold in Warzone 2.0 with no noticeable hiccups or stuttering.

EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 Ultra Gaming

EVGA RTX 3070 Ultra gaming

Clock Speed

1815MHz Boost Clock (OC)



Thermal Design

EVGA iCX3 Cooling

Power Input

2 x 8-pin


300mm x 136mm x 60mm

Best GPU for Warzone 2 240Hz FAQs

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