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How to track shipping for the ASUS ROG Ally

Zipping across the country you'll want to know where it is and when you can expect it, so here's how to track the ASUS ROG Ally

Updated: Jun 14, 2023 7:26 am
How to track shipping for the ASUS ROG Ally

As the ROG Ally release date arrives, you may be quite keen on getting hands-on with it, and for that, you may want to know how to track shipping for the ASUS ROG Ally. This may vary depending on where you bought it from and how each of them handles the tracking of it but we have a look at what that is like.

All retailers will have a variety of ways how to track them. As such you’ll probably have an account or tracking code you get from them will keep you updated as soon as you know when you can get it into your grips.

How to track ASUS ROG Ally at Best Buy

If you bought the ROG Ally at Best Buy online then you can find all the details on your account. On the website, you can access your account and the purchases you made on it. Be sure to do this with the account you purchased it from and you’ll be able to see your ROG Ally order. Under that, you should be able to track it and see when it should arrive and where it currently is.

As GregglesTV on YouTube has shown off their order, it shows the ROG Ally being shipped and delivered by UPS. It does show it being delivered on the date of release the 9th of June. So if you did pre order the device, you should be getting it pretty quickly.

ROG ALly shipment and tracking best buy gregglestv youtube
Best Buy tracking of the ROG Ally, source: GregglesTV

How to track ROG Ally at ASUS

ASUS also has the handheld in its store. So if you bought it there, you can follow the same steps to get tracking of the device and you will likely be able to find the details on your account you can find more details here to follow the progress of your ROG Ally.

How to track ROG Ally at Currys

For any UK readers who bought their ROG Ally on Currys, you will be able to track it on your account as well. Under your orders, you will find it and be able to track it to see when you can expect to receive it and be able to enjoy it for all it can do.

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