A Fan-Made Ground-Up Reimagining of Original Rayman Platformer Is Available For Free

Rayman Ressurection

An enterprising fan has taken it upon themselves to craft a reimagining of the original Rayman side-scrolling platformer released in 1995. After three years of grueling development, Rayman Redemption launched last week for PC. It's a labor of love for what still stands as one of the best and most challenging platformers ever made.

Gamers of a certain age will fondly remember Rayman as a PlayStation launch title. A relic from an era when Sony was the sprightly debutant eager to rub shoulders with industry mainstays like SEGA and Nintendo rather than the console gaming institution it is today.

Rayman was available digitally up until 2018, at which point it became exclusive to Sony's PlayStation Classic as a pre-loaded game. While Rayman Redemption creator Ryemanni doesn't outright state as much, this reimagining may be an attempt to circumvent that exclusivity and make the game available to more players.

Whatever the impetus, Rayman Redemption is quite the proposition. Alongside a complete remake of the original, Redemption features a raft of new content, including new worlds, levels, powers, bosses, collectibles, and mini-games. It also features widescreen support, resolution options, unlockable skins, various difficulty levels, and a casual mode with unlimited lives.

Ryemanni has cooked up a trailer for the occasion to showcase what Rayman Redemption is all about.


To rather judiciously avoid the wrath of Ubisoft and limit the chances of seeing the game scrubbed from existence, Rayman Redemption is available for free. Nevertheless, Ubisoft might let out the legal hound dogs before long, so it may be best to grab this one while you can.

It's available over at Game Jolt. It tallies up to just under 1 GB - a welcome reprieve from the mammoth 100-200 GB downloads (looking at you Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) we've come to expect from games these days.