Acer Laptop GPU Upgrade – TGP Increase For RTX 3000 Series

Acer Firmware Upgrades TGP For Gaming Laptops With RTX 3000 Series Graphics Cards

Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming Laptop

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The good folk at Acer are increasing the TGP of their laptops which have RTX 3000 series GPUs via a new firmware update. Read below to find out why and how you can benefit from this.

Why Is The Acer Laptop Firmware TGP Update Significant?

What Is TGP?

TGP stands for Total Graphics Power, and is a figure which represents the amount of power (measured in W i.e. Watts) that is consumed by the graphics card. It is primarily used for Nvidia GPUs, whereas TBP is more commonly used for AMD graphics cards.

This is not to be confused with TDP (Thermal Design Power) which is the amount of heat produced by the card that has to be dissipated by the cooling system.

TGP is a strong determining factor on how well a GPU performs. In simple terms – the amount of FPS a graphics card will be able to generate will be capped if the TGP is too low, as it does not have sufficient power.

RTX 3000 Series TGP In Laptops

There has been some controversy over the implementation of the laptop versions of Nvidia’s 30-series graphics cards. Consumer’s buying laptops with Nvidia 30 series GPUs (the Nvidia RTX 3080 for instance) have found vastly different performance when compared to other laptops with the same model of graphics card – simply because the TGP between laptops can vary so substantially.

Nvidia have pushed for laptop manufacturers to clearly list the TGP of their graphics cards when marketing their products so consumers do not feel they have been mis sold the product.

What Does The Acer TGP Firmware Upgrade Do?

Acer’s firmware update increases the TGP of much their different RTX 3000 gaming laptops by varying amounts, depending on both the laptop and the graphics card model.

The size of the TGP increase ranges from between 5 and 30 Watts. More information on the update can be found on Acer’s website.

Additionally, @jftimm_ of ComputerBase has very helpfully put together a table listing all of the affected GPUs and the TGP increase for each of them (see below).

LaptopModelGPUOld TGPNew TGP
Acer Helios 300PH317-53RTX 3060100105
RTX 3070100105
RTX 3080105105
PH315-54RTX 3070100110
PH317-55RTX 3050 Ti8095
RTX 3060100130
RTX 3070135140
Triton 300PT315-53RTX 3050 Ti7585
RTX 306095105
RTX 307095110
RTX 308095110
Triton 300 SEPT314-51sRTX 3050 Ti7585
RTX 30607590
Nitro 5AN515-45RTX 30608595
RTX 307085100
RTX 308085100
AN515-55RTX 30507075
RTX 3050 Ti7075
RTX 30608595
AN515-56RTX 30507075
AN515-57RTX 30507075
RTX 3050 Ti7075
RTX 30608595
RTX 307085100
AN517-41RTX 30608595
RTX 307085100
RTX 308085100
AN517-52RTX 30507075
RTX 3050 Ti7075
RTX 30608595
AN517-53RTX 30507075
AN517-54RTX 30507075
RTX 3050 Ti7075
RTX 30608595
RTX 307085100