Call of Duty: Warzone Now Lets You Play Solo

The new battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare called Warzone has had a few important updates recently.

Only the other day, they announced that they were reducing the number of player requirements to join a new game. Now Activision has announced that you can actually drop onto the map in a solo mission. 

What Has Changed In Call Of Duty: Warzone?

Not a whole lot has changed but now players can drop in on their own, without a team to battle with in an “everyone for themselves” gaming session. 

When you drop onto the map, you’re armed with a pistol and just a few bullets. From there you will be able to make your way around the map, find new weapons, learn important intel, complete contracts, and kill other players. The circle of the map will still close and if you are kicked out, you’ll have to go to the Gulag to battle it out for a chance to return. 

The main thing that has changed is regarding strategy, which was outlined in a blog post from Activision, which you can take a look at here.

Hone Your Skills By Going Solo

The good thing about this new Solo mode is that it gives you a great opportunity to hone your shooting skills. While it may be harder to win on your own, you can learn a lot from these solo missions and take those skills into your group sessions the next time your friends are available for a squad mission. 

Activision said: “With only your senses and your HUD to rely on, a Solos match can offer a trial-by-fire that can provide plenty of learning experiences for your future drops.”

When Will The Solo Mode Be Available?

The great news is that it’s already live now. You can head over to Steam and load up a new game to explore what’s new and start your solo mission. 

Will you be playing solo on Warzone or do you think it misses out on the fun of being part of a team? Let us know your thoughts, we’re always interested to hear how our readers are getting on in the world of gaming.