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Fallout 76 Worlds Update Allows Users To Make Appalachia Their Own!

Fallout 76 gets a new update today, bringing new games modes to the table

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The new Fallout 76 Worlds Update is finally here, bringing with it two new game modes that allow Fallout 1st members to customize  Appalachia to their exact requirements!

The two new game modes launched on the 8th of September and include custom worlds and public worlds, both of which should provide an exciting new element to the session-based online title. Here’s everything we know about the new Fallout 76 World Update – and how you can take advantage of their new features.

Fallout 76 Worlds Update Trailer

For anyone that missed it, here’s a short cinematic Fallout 76 Worlds Update trailer from their Twitter account:

Fallout 76 Worlds Update

Alongside a new Fallout 76 season (Unstoppables vs Diabolicals), Fallout 76 players will also be receiving a worlds update – showcasing two new game modes that both offer some exciting new features. The two new modes include a ‘Custom worlds’ mode and ‘Public worlds’ mode – both of which can be played by any Fallout 76 player – sort of.

Fallout 76 Worlds Update: Custom Worlds

The Custom worlds mode will be available to all Fallout 76 players, who in turn can invite up to seven of their best gaming buddies onto the server with them. It will allow players to access a plethora of gameplay settings and modifiers for customizing Appalachia to their exact needs. Players will be able to change everything from combat rules and C.A.M.P restrictions to weather effects and visual filters – the world really is your oyster.

Below  is a small list of what is in store for the Custom worlds update:

  • Proximity Spawner – Spawn creatures around you during your game
  • Happy Builder – Construct platforms and structures in otherwise inaccessible areas and change height limit on settlements
  • Unlimited Ammunition – Combine unlimited ammo and no reload for an endless stream of destruction
  • Weather Effects Controller – Change the environment by enabling fog, nuclear radiation, or even Quantum Storms
  • Personalized Gameplay – Change PVP rules and difficulty settings
  • Gravity Settings – Enable ragdoll physics, varying jumping heights, and turn off fall damage

Whilst this new game mode is restricted to 1st members only, you can still be invited into the server if you don’t subscribe to the premium service.

Fallout 76 Worlds Update: Public Worlds

If you aren’t particularly keen on being a Fallout 76 1st member, fear not, public worlds allow similar features to be experienced by all players. The Public Worlds feature will showcase a taster of the possibilities that are available in the Custom Worlds mode. Many of the features you’ll find in the Public Worlds has been created using some of the customization tools in Custom Worlds.

Regardless of what world you decide to play in, players will import their character from the Adventure mode – with progression in both Custom or Public worlds remaining separate from the Adventure mode.

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