FIFA 22 Beta Servers – Are they Up?

Fifa 22's Beta has launched, but that doesn't mean the servers are up - we've got the very latest on what's happening

FIFA 22 Beta Release
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The Football season is underway, with global Football Leagues like the Bundesliga, Premier League and others kicking off or in play. But, for those who really love the beautiful game, the FIFA 22 Beta is here, allowing you to get a chance to test out the yearly version of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), new Career Mode and other regular features If you have managed to secure yourself a FIFA 22 Beta, then you can go ahead and play now. However, some fans are reporting that the FIFA 22 Beta servers are not having a good time.

The FIFA 22 Beta release time launched at 6 PM BST and 7 PM CEST on August 11 for the Europeans that gained access. If you’re a fan in North America, the whistle blows at 1 PM EDT and 10 AM PDT. Anyone who managed to claim a beta key can play for the next three weeks before FIFA 22 releases on October 1.

During the three-week beta, you can enjoy a full test play of the FUT 22 season, grabbing yourself packs and playing FUT to your heart’s content. While you’re at it, you can work out how your favourite clubs and teams are performing and determine what the top 100 player ratings are for this year’s instalment.

Be aware that the game is still in its beta phase and needs active testing and feedback before final release. Players are reporting that even with the Beta launched, some of the EA servers and FIFA 22 beta servers are down. If you find that the beta is not working for you, rest assured that EA are hard at work and server stability may be an issue while maintenance is carried out. If you are finding that you are still experiencing issues, then head over to FIFA 22 Beta forums and report any issues you are having there.