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Fortnite Operation Sky Fire Season 7 Ending Event – Date, Time & Everything Else You Need To Know

We know Fortnite has blown up in popularity, but Operation Sky Fire takes it literally.

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Throughout the entirety of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, a gigantic alien mothership has ominously hovered above Apollo Island, threatening to strike at any time. During Fortnite Week 12, players readied a bomb at Corny Complex part of the Legendary (Gold) quest line and now it looks like we’re headed towards an explosive conclusion to the current storyline.


Fortnite operation sky fire

When is Fortnite Operation Sky Fire? What date and time do I need to log in?

While we did not get any relevant Fortnite patch notes today, Epic Games have announced their next exciting live event. It’s called Operation Sky Fire and will happen on Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 16:00 ET / 13:00 PT / 21:00 BST.

Battle Royale and Creative Mode will be disabled half an hour before the live event as usual, so you’ll want to make sure you’re on and queue up ready to take part then. Epic Games have said that no replays of the event will be available, so be sure not to miss it.

fortnite corny complex

What’s going to happen to the Corny Complex during Fortnite Operation Sky Fire?

After converting Holly Hedges into Holly Hatchery, The Kymera (also known as The Last Reality) have been stealing entire locations from around the map, potentially even removing the Slurpy Swamp and Coral Castle from the game forever.

It is likely that the aliens will attempt to take the Corny Complex and then the IO (Imagined Order) agency faction led by Doctor Slone will blow up the bomb while it is inside the ship. Whether the inhabitants of Fortnite will have to sacrifice the farm to repel the alien aggressors has yet to be seen.

According to Epic Games, players will be going along for the ride and will “join a strike team and sneak aboard the Mothership to deliver IO’s final message to the invading aliens.”.

fortnite slurpy swamp

The Road to Fortnite Operation Sky Fire: Bargain Bin Wild Week — Fortnite Challenge Week 14

On the road to Operation Sky Fire, players have another (half) a Wild Week to experience. Alongside new challenges and changes to the weapon metagame, the island’s vendors and vending machines have reduced the gold cost of their goods and services.

As usual, gold bar stashes will be reset when Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 starts. It’s time to use them or lose them!


What are the Fortnite Patch Notes For Today?

Fortnite don’t really do detailed patch notes anymore, so you’ll have to go on to the game and see for yourself what the rest of the changes are. If it helps, we can tell you that the patch is 185 MB and there was no scheduled downtime. Also released just before the new update was a Best Friendzy event where players can get exclusive items.

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