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Four new Fortnite Reality Augments have been leaked

Epic Games is working on adding new Fortnite Reality Augments, and some of them might be even overpowered.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023 2:14 pm
Four new Fortnite Reality Augments have been leaked

Fortnite Reality Augments are one of the most important things in Chapter 4. They are perks that can be used to make weapons more effective or to gain mobility and some other useful features.

Epic Games released Reality Augments at the start of Chapter 4. Ever since then, the video game developer has either changed, added, or removed many perks. Two new perks have already come with one of the updates in Chapter 4 – Season 3, and many others will come as well.

According to Fortnite leakers, four new Reality Augments are being developed by Epic and could be released soon.

Leaked Fortnite Reality Augments will make certain items much more powerful

According to iFireMonkey, one of the most popular leakers, Epic Games is working on four new Fortnite Reality Augments. The release date of these augments is currently unknown, but some of them might be released with the summer event on July 4.

Here are all the leaked Reality Augments that may come out soon:

  • PG Accuracy – Reducing weapon recoil by 33% while increasing its spread
  • Scoped – Lowers weapon fire rate by 15% while increasing its damage by the same amount
  • Cybertron Recharge – Shortens the time it takes for the Cybertron Cannon to recharge a shot
  • Pistol Recycle – A 33% chance of returning a pistol bullet to the magazine when it’s fired

The first two augments will allow players to choose how they want to use certain weapons. Considering that many players prefer slower weapons that deal more damage, the Scoped perk will likely be very popular.

The Cybertron Cannon is one of the best weapons currently in the game, but it’ll become even more effective with the upcoming Reality Augment. Improving the fire rate of the Mythic weapon will make it more lethal and nearly unstoppable, especially in Zero Build game modes.

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