Hyper Scape Season 1 ‘The First Principle’ Now Available on PC

New content and features for Hyper Scape's proper launch.

HyperScape1111 1

Ubisoft’s first dip into the saturated battle royale space is now upon us as Hyper Scape launched earlier today for PC, and for the first time on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Cross-progression is part of the deal, so you can mix and match where you play and keep your progression intact.

Hyper Scape’s launch also ushers in Season 1, dubbed ‘The First Principle,’ which introduces a raft of new features and content to spice up the game for returning open beta players and newcomers alike.

In a blog post published on the official Hyper Scape website, Ubisoft walks through some of these new features. Firstly, Hyper Scape’s arsenal has some new additions, namely the silenced, semi-automatic precision Dragonfly rifle, and a new Magnet hack that attracts and traps enemies caught in its area of effect.

Next up is a brand new player reporting tool that represents what Ubisoft calls ‘the next phase’ of its ongoing efforts to weed out cheaters. As it stands, players can only report squadmates. Enemy player reporting is slated for later on. There’s also a new Contender’s Code (read code of conduct):


Help us keep Neo Arcadia clean! Prisma Dimensions has a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech, harassment, and threats. Excessive aggression towards your fellow Contenders will invite repercussions.


Crown Rush Champions play with honor. Users violating game rules, or using unauthorized code, will be swiftly banned. We encourage you to continue being part of the Hyper Scape by respecting its conditions.


Team communication improves win probabilities. You agree to collaborate with squadmates, including (but not limited to) answering pings, assistance requests, and in-game messages.


The Hyper Scape is built by you, our valued users. Prisma Dimensions counts on you to report disruptive behavior through the Player Reporting Tool.

Expanding Hyper Scape’s Twitch integration features are nine event cards that switch up the game in interesting ways. Lethal Melee turns all melee attacks in one-hit kills, and Kudos allows viewers to trigger visual effects to either encourage or demoralize their favorite streamers. These will cost you Twitch Bits, though. Season 1 should also help streamers avoid stream snipers and the like thanks to what Ubisoft calls Streamer Protection. Here’s the blurb:

”In addition to already being able to anonymize the names of all other players in your game and add a hidden matchmaking delay, streamers will now be able to anonymize their own names, so they appear with a default name for all other players.”

Finally, Ubisoft is propping up the Hyper Scape lore with what it calls Memory Shards, narrative collectibles found during matches that contain lore fragments and images that ‘take you into the lives of the characters and events transpiring this season.’ One Memory Shard will be available per week.

In other Hyper Scape news, NVIDIA also revealed that the game is available day one on its GeForce Now cloud gaming service, meaning those that don’t quite have the PC requirement chops to jump in can stream the game. It’s even available for those signed up as part of GeForce Now’s free tier. Do note that the free tier limits gameplay to 60-minute chunks, but with a bit of foresight, you can navigate the restriction quite easily.