LoL 11.19 Patch Notes – the Worlds Patch

Here are the buffs and Nerfs in LoL 11.19 patch notes

LoL 11.19 Patch Notes
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Riot Games has revealed the full list of changes coming in the League of Legends 11.19 patch notes. The LoL 11.19 patch notes are a continuation on from the 11.18 patch notes, targeting champions they want to have fairly decent chances at Worlds 2021, along with nerfing the wicks they fully anticipate to dominate the Rift at Worlds 2021.

There’s not long left to wait for the League of Legends 11.19 patch to hit either, as it should go live on September 22.

LoL 11.19 Patch Notes Buffs

Lots of the champions on this list are surprisingly not too far from being quite competitive Worlds 2021 champions. Even if they don’t make it to Worlds, chances are they will be good for those last-minute solo queue wonders looking to make it to their desired ranked season. Here are the most significant highlights amongst the buff section.


Aatrox – W CD changed from 26-24 to 20-24. Aatrox certainly fits the annoying sustain Divine Sunderer and Goredrinker meta making its appearance, so the lowered W Cd at early levels gives his laning much better potential. We will certainly see more of it in solo queue.


Akali’s base HP5 is moving from 8 to 9, along with a slight HP growth level from 0.5 to 0.9 It isn’t the most spectacular buff, but it might be enough to keep her surviving a lane since Riot gutted her power level for obvious reasons. Remember 11.1?


Galio’s cooldown is moving away from its flat 18-second cooldown to 18 at lower levels to 16 at level 5. The reason why is because Galio is a pick that is still played quite a bit. The new changes should make him more competitive against other engage supports or mid lakers that can better CC.


Like Aatrox, Mordekaiser is a pick that can get the ball rolling in the laning phase, but it is not quite where it should be. So, Mordekaiser’s E CD is moving from 22-10 to 18-10. The four-second cd change at level one might be enough to make Mordekaiser a much better laner and snowball his lead.


Qiyanah’s monster damage on her Q is moving from 125% to 150%. Moreso, the logic on her Q+E combo is much better for being a jungler so she wont feel as clunky. Riot wants to make her a jungler since her laning presence is not great, plus she is a fun assassin that could appeal to newer junglers.


Renekton’s base health is moving from 575 to 590, while his W is getting back some of its mechanics that he lost in 11.18. The crocodile is very popular in pro play and is a staple of the top lane. However, the nerfs did hit him too hard for the most casual player, which is not what they wanted. The LoL 11.19 patch notes should see his abysmally low 42% win ratio go climbing back without leading to him being a pro-defining pick.


Onto the nerfs of the LoL 11.19 patch notes. You’ll find most of these picks are cause for concern in the current meta. The most obvious ones are Varus and Soraka, along with other nerfs to picks only high elo or pros might pick up on.


Kennen is a pick that has the niche potential to always pop off at Worlds. His win rate is increasing at the minute in pro games, so it’s time to tone back slightly. Riot focuses on his Q and E in LoL 11.19 patch notes, with a base damage and ap ratio nerf to stop his ranged poke from being too egregious.


Ryze is always one of those champions that can scale and rip games apart. To ensure its more of a tactical and skill based ripping apart, his Q AP Ratio is changing from 45% to 405 while his wave clearing CD on his E is going from 3.25-2.25 5 to 3.5-2.5.


Sona is a pick that has gained a lot of momentum recently, so they are toning her back. With consistent nerfs to the engage support meta that has dominated pro for years, Enchanters are on the way back. Since Sona’s biggest weakness is largely nerfed she is free to reign heals all day long. So, Riot is toning back her Q’s ability to hit targets she cannot see, putting some more risk back in her gameplay, along with nerfing her base armor, so ADCs have a better time trading.


Soraka’s big buff in 11.18 to her ult now sees her ultimate doing more healing than she did before. Riot wants her ultimate to realistically output the same healing strength as the previous one with its grievous wound removal. Her ultimate base healing was 150-350, which will do 130-300 come 11.19, which is a big late-game nerf.


Varus was nerfed last patch but it did absolutely nothing to his overall power. In 11.19 his poke is now getting a nerf too, with his Q moving from a 16-10 CD to 16-12. He shouldn’t be able to poke anywhere ner as well as he once did, especially with the CDR lethality build.

For the full patch notes, visit the Lead Game Designer’s tweet below.