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Men In Black PS5 Rumoured

EBGames product page appears with boxart for Men In Black PS5, fuelling rumours about PS Showcase

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A Product page on EBGames has appeared for Men In Black PS5, fuelling hype for the PS Showcase. Unconfirmed as of yet, but the upcoming PS Showcase should tell us more.

Men In Black PS5 Rumoured

Neither Sony nor Bend Studios has yet to confirm the rumour of Men in Black PS5, but fans on reddit’s gaming rumours subreddits have already become excitable; and have begun speculating on the genre of the rumoured release, with some hoping for an open world Grand Theft Auto-esque game set in the alien infested world of Men in Black.


Men in Black PS5 rumoured for Upcoming PS Showcase

The Boxart also displays the logo for Bend Studios, the developers of PlayStation exclusive “Days Gone”. We haven’t got much to go on as the link to the product page now leads to an empty page. However, given that the PS Showcase is only a day away, the appearance of the product page for Men in Black PS5 could be more than just a coincidence.

Interestingly, the developers of the rumoured Men in Black PS5 game, Bend Studios have over 20 active job adverts on their website, almost all of them reference the development of a new AAA game, this may give extra credence to the rumour.

Rumours for PS Showcase

The recent inFamous PS5 rumour is interesting given the timing, with the PS Showcase coming very soon, these recent little hints are proving to be very effective at generating hype for the PS Showcase

In any case we will keep you updated on this rumour, and will be giving comprehensive coverage on the entirety of the upcoming PS showcase.

Are you excited for the potential new Men in Black game? let us know in the comments section down below.

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