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Microsoft Surface Pro 9 pre order date & Surface Pro 9 pre order price *LATEST*

Pre order Surface Pro 9 details, plus the MSRP of the different SKUs

Updated: Nov 7, 2022 1:52 pm
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 pre order date & Surface Pro 9 pre order price *LATEST*

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If you’re looking to pre order the newest Microsoft Surface Pro, the Surface Pro 9 pre order period has been and gone for the US and Canada, as the device has already released in this region as of a couple of weeks ago (you can pick up a copy via our Where to buy Surface Pro 9 page).

Surface Pro 9 Pre orders for the UK & EU are still live currently until, the tablet comes out tonight/early tomorrow morning. Read below for all the details you need to know about this and the Surface Pro 9 price info for all the different SKUs, as well as some great deals on the Microsoft Surface Pro 8.

Surface Pro 9 pre order details

You can only pre order the Surface Pro 9 on the Microsoft website (which you can do right now), but there’s not much advantage in doing so, as you don’t get much of a bonus.

Other stores like Amazon and Best Buy have listed the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 since its release date on the 25th of October.

Surface Pro 9 price & Surface Pro 9 pre order price

There are unfortunately no Surface Pro 9 pre order bonuses or reduced-price deals, so the pre order price is the same as the regular Surface Pro 9 Price.

See below for a full list of the various different SKUs and their stated MSRP.

Surface Pro ModelAudienceCPUMemorySSDPrice
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)ConsumerIntel Core i5-1235U8GB128GB$999.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)ConsumerIntel Core i5-1235U8GB256GB$1,099.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)ConsumerIntel Core i5-1235U8GB512GB$1,399.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)ConsumerIntel Core i5-1235U16GB256GB$1,399.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)ConsumerIntel Core i7-1255U16GB256GB$1,599.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)ConsumerIntel Core i7-1255U16GB512GB$1,899.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)ConsumerIntel Core i7-1255U16GB1TB$2,199.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)ConsumerIntel Core i7-1255U32GB1TB$2,599.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)CommercialIntel Core i5-1245U8GB128GB$1,099.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)CommercialIntel Core i5-1245U8GB256GB$1,199.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)CommercialIntel Core i5-1245U8GB512GB$1,499.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)CommercialIntel Core i5-1245U16GB256GB$1,599.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)CommercialIntel Core i5-1265U16GB256GB$1,699.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)CommercialIntel Core i5-1265U16GB512GB$1,999.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)CommercialIntel Core i5-1265U16GB1TB$2,299.99
Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)CommercialIntel Core i5-1265U32GB1TB$2,699.99
Surface Pro 9 (5G)ConsumerMicrosoft SQ38GB128GB$1,299.99
Surface Pro 9 (5G)ConsumerMicrosoft SQ38GB256GB$1,399.99
Surface Pro 9 (5G)ConsumerMicrosoft SQ316GB256GB$1,599.99
Surface Pro 9 (5G)ConsumerMicrosoft SQ316GB512GB$1,899.99
Surface Pro 9 (5G)CommercialMicrosoft SQ38GB128GB$1,399.99
Surface Pro 9 (5G)CommercialMicrosoft SQ38GB256GB$1,499.99
Surface Pro 9 (5G)CommercialMicrosoft SQ316GB256GB$1,699.99
Surface Pro 9 (5G)CommercialMicrosoft SQ316GB512GB$1,999.99

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 deals

If you aren’t much fussed about the new CPU options and features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9, a much better value option would be to try and pick up a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 deal, and we’ve seen a good few pop up since the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. See below for a shortlist of the best ones we’ve found.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 pre order FAQs

Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 8

The Surface Pro 9 is very similar to the Surface Pro 8 in terms of aesthetic design, but there have been some changes to the internal components. The Surface Pro 9 comes with the option for either Microsoft SQ3 CPU chip, an Intel 12th gen i5, or Intel Evo 12th Gen i5/i7 CPUs. The SQ3 chip allows for 5G connection, rather than just the standard Wi-Fi of the other options, a feature the Surface Pro 8 does not have.

Is the Surface Pro 9 worth buying?

The Surface Pro 9 is primarily worth buying if you’re looking for a Microsoft Surface with more power than the Surface 8 or want a 5G version of the machine. Otherwise you might be better trying to get a cheaper deal on the Surface Pro 8 (read inside for a list of the best).

Is there a Surface Pro 9 pre order bonus?

Sadly there is not a pre order bonus for the Surface Pro 9 from any online retailer, though if you’re interested in savings you may want to consider a Surface Pro 8 deal instead.

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