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Riders Republic Trailer – Customization Options Shown

The New Riders Republic Customization Trailer Shows Off Unlockable Gear

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The New Riders Republic trailer detailing customization options for your character has landed! Read below to find out what you’ll be able to modify and customize on your character and how to unlock them!

Riders Republic Trailer - Customization Options

Riders Republic Character Customization

There’s a fairly detailed “avatar” creation system in Riders Republic, similar to what you’d find in an Elder Scrolls game, which lets you change your character’s face, complexion, hair color etc. to your heart’s content. All of this can be changed at any point in the game later on.

Riders Republic Clothes Customization & Contracts

Your avatar can wear normal relaxed clothes, sporting outfits, and outlandish costumes in different combinations. You can complete daily contracts for different brands to gain new branded clothes from them as part of a sponsorship in-game. Completing general weekly challenges can also unlock new cosmetics. Finally ‘bucks‘ a currency of the game which can be earned through simply playing it can be used to buy cosmetics from the Riders Republic shop. This is distinct from ‘Republic Coins‘ which can be used to buy more exclusive items – details on how these are earned were not clear, but we suspect this could be based on microtransactions with real currency.

Riders Republic Gear Customization

Fortunately, ‘the gear’ i.e. the items which actually have a statistical impact on your gameplay, are not based on microtransactions, but can ‘only be unlocked through playing the game’ – good to hear! These take the form of different bikes, wingsuits, etc.

Riders Republic New Trailer Customization

Riders Republic Release Date

Riders Republic is due for release on October 28, 2021, though we’ve already seen a Riders Republic beta come out for the game, which gave people to first chance to play it. The release date has already been pushed back a couple of times now, so let’s hope it won’t be once more!

Will My PC Run Riders Republic?

If you’re as excited as we are to get involved in Riders Republic as soon as it’s released, your first port of call should be to make sure your PC will actually be able to run the game!

Be sure to check out our Riders Republic System Requirements page to ensure your PC is up to scratch, and if not, we have some suggestions of rigs you might consider upgrading to.

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