Pre-Orders for Hp Reverb G2 VR Headset Are Now Live

HP’s Reverb G2 VR headset is now available for pre-order from select retailers. A collaborative project between Microsoft and HP with input from long-standing VR proponents Valve, the Reverb G2 was announced in May as a high-resolution headset aimed firmly at the gaming market.

It improves on the first-generation Reverb by adding in welcome features suck as additional tracking cameras and newly-designed motion controllers. The Reverb G2 is fitted with brand new lenses and speakers designed by Valve, who’s own Index headset was praised for its comfortable off-ear speakers that pumped out high quality immersive spatial audio.

The G2 offers mura-free, 2160×2160 pixel panels per eye with Pulse Backlight technology, full RGB subpixel stripe, and 9.3 million pixels. It easily rubs shoulders with most of the other headsets on the market in specifications and approaches those of competitor Oculus’ Rift S and Quest. The resolution alone is the highest among the major VR headset vendors. However, it does rank a little lower with a90 Hz refresh rate and a smaller 114 degrees field of vision.

Four cameras (two front-facing and two side-facing) allow for better movement tracking, which drastically improves on the Windows Mixed Reality tracking system standard we’ve come to expect. In terms of sensors, the Reverb G2 features 6 DOF motion tracking, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and magnetometer. The redesigned-controllers borrow a page from Oculus’ playbook with a smaller, more ergonomic design, and two face buttons per hand alongside A/B or X/Y buttons, Menu button, Windows Start button, Grip trigger, Thumbstick, and Trigger. They also do away with the first-generation G2’s trackpad.

The Reverb G2 is compatible with both Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR, granting access to a trove of VR games and content across both platforms. HP has also packed in an adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) hardware slider to ease finding that perfect width between lenses. An increased cushion size for even weight distribution, flexible materials, and magnetic detachability should also help settle on the ideal on-head fit regardless of the shape or size of the user’s face. There’s also a light, generously-sized six-meter cable.

In the US, pre-orders are now live over at retailer Connection for $599.99. As for the UK, interested parties can lay down cash early via SystemActive, HP’s exclusive UK partner for the Reverb G2, for £525.00. HP expects to launch the Reverb G2 this autumn, although the company has yet to announce a firm release date.