Worlds 2021 Groups Draw – The Biggest Stories

Here is what the Worlds 2021 Groups Draw looks like.

Worlds 2021 Groups Draw
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Worlds 2021 is right around the corner, and Riot Games has revealed the Worlds 2021 Groups Draw. The day started with the Play-Ins Draws, certifying the two groups of four in the Play Ins, who will fight to determine who makes it into the Worlds 2021 Groups Stage. Here is how the Worlds 2021 Groups Draw looks.

When Does Worlds 2021 Start?

  • Play In Round 1: October 5-7.
  • Play In Round 2: October 8-9.
  • Group Stage: October 11-13, October 15-18.
  • Playoffs: October 22-25, 30-31.
  • Finals: November 6.


There is no start time. It will most likely start sometime during the afternoon GMT, as Worlds 2021 is located in Reykjavik, Iceland. You can keep an eye on the Worlds schedule for specific match schedule times.

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Worlds 2021 Play-Ins Groups Draw

Group A

Hanwha Life Esports (LCK #4), LNG (LPL#4), Infinity Esports (LLA #1), Peace (LCO#1), Red Canids (CBLOL #1).

Group B

Beyond Gaming (PCS #3), Cloud 9 (LCS #3), UOL (LCL#1), Galatasary Esports (TCL#1), Detonation FocusMe (LJL#1).

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Worlds 2021 Groups Draw

Group A

DAMWON Kia (LCK #1), FPX (LPL #2), Rogue (LEC #3).

Group B

Edward Gaming (LPL #1), 100 Thieves (LCS #2), T1 (LCK #3).

Group C

PSG (PCS #1), FNATIC (LEC #2), RNG (LPL #3).

Group D

MAD (LEC #1), Gen.G (LCK #2), Team Liquid (LCS #2).

The Worlds 2021 Group Stage is settled. The fourth seeds for each of the group will be determined when the Play Ins stage finish. As you can see, the groups are already quite incredible.

Worlds 2021 Narratives

Group A is the Gods group, with the reigning World Champions, DAMWON Kia in Group A, Also, FPX’s top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, is a current World Champion,  getting the opportunity to compete against his former allies. While that is a story in itself, FPX is one of the most dominant teams in the LPL, taking second place in the LPL Spring and Summer Playoffs in 2021. It will be battle of the ages when these two teams collide. However, the LEC third seed, Rogue appears to have been the sacrifice to the Gods. Can Rogue, the team that looked to be one of the most consistent teams in Europe before their Summer Playoff implosion come back when the odds are stacked against them?

Over in Group B, we have a group with legacy. EDG is one of the most well known LPL teams. They have not made it to international events in four years but are back to add even more prestige to their brand. Meanwhile, the most decorated team in League of Legends history, T1 appears in the group. You can never count T1 out of anything. Lastly, we have 100 Thieves, who have a great NA team. How this young LoL roster fairs against two giants of the East is yet to be seen.

Group C appears to be a standard no holds bar worlds group. Both RNG and Fnatic have seen a World Semi-finals and Finals and are more than capable of repeating those feats. While both teams have lost their star ADCs (Rekkles for Fnatic) (Uzi for RNG), the battle between both teams will be iconic as they compete in a new era for both sides. Not to mention that RNG is the current champion of MSI 2021, so they will want to show off their skillset once again. Who can win the matchup and dominate the group, or will the PCS #1 representative, PSG, play upset to a well documented international rivalry?

Like in Group C, Group D is another anything goes. Mad Lion is EU’s #1 seed, but they have some interesting opponents against Gen.G. Last year EU’s #1 seed, G2 Esports beat Gen.G in the playoffs, so we could see a repeat there. However, Team Liquid is a fairly consistent NA team. Can they play upset in a Worlds group where anything goes?