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Zen 4 AMD CPUs for AM5 will reportedly launch as early as September

There are reports floating around that the new AMD 7000 series CPUs by AMD could launch as early as September 2022, fitting AMD’s official release window of 2H 2022

Updated: May 9, 2022 12:47 pm
5nm Zen 4 AMD CPUs for AM5 allegedly launch as early as

Zen 4 AMD CPUs could launch as early as September! AMD announced its new Zen 4 based CPUs back at CES 2022 and the internet has been abuzz ever since. During its keynote, AMD announced that the official release window for Zen 4 was 2H 2022, two or so years after the disastrous launch of Zen 3. This time around it seems AMD and its chip manufacturer TSMC, have taken measures to ensure stock shortages don’t happen. 

amd ryzen 7000 zen 4 cpus

The AMD 7000 series, codenamed ‘Raphael’, promises to destroy the competition with its superior performance and power efficiencies, on a new socket standard, LGA 1718, better known as AM5. AMD kept AM4 in use for five years, so long that its technical limitations are now really starting to show. AM5 promises features like the DDR5 RAM standard and PCIe Gen 5, to name just a couple. 

There are two new releases on the horizon – the 7000 series CPUs themselves and the motherboards that support them (AM5). And these releases could come as early as September 2022, reports DigiTimes

Zen 4 and AM5 release date 

As per DigiTimes sources within the industry, AMD is expected to introduce its Ryzen 7000 series CPUs and the AM5 platform, for gamers and land content creators alike, as early as September 2022. This would mean the launch could happen within the next four months, but AMD will reveal further details at Computex 2022 at the end of May. This is a major event for AM5 and Zen 4 CPUs. 

Final word 

We have seen a few of these leaks before, and while the source is reputable we’ll still take the dates with a pinch of salt until we get official confirmation. The next announcement at Computex 2022 will be a long-awaited one and we very much look forward to seeing what AMD has in store for us. We’ll see if Zen 4 AMD CPUs could launch as early as September.

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