Finding The Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Finding The Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys 2019 Reviews Top Picks

Let’s face it: most chairs out there aren’t made for big guys. Fortunately, the five we’ve found are, and we’ll help you determine the best gaming chair for your needs, whether wide, tall or both.

If you’re out trying to find the best gaming chair for big guys, congratulations: you’ve reached the end of the road. Other articles will list a dozen options without giving the important info on each one, and a few more will just list two DXRacer chairs and call that the end of it.

You’ll be happy to hear that we didn’t do that. We dove deep into the details, specifications and user reviews of dozens of gaming chairs on the market, and pulled out five diamonds in the rough.

Additionally, I (the writer) happen to fit this category. I’m shopping just as much for myself as I am for you.

Any of these chairs could be considered the best gaming chair for a larger person, and whichever one you pick will likely be the best for your needs.

Our top pick is the DXRacer Tank Series. But let’s dive into all of our options, shall we?

The Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys: Breakdown

Product Details
#1DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB

DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB

  • weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • color options: Black, Blue, Red, Green
  • height capacity: 6'7 Feet
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#2DXRacer OH/SJ08 Sentinel Series ERGO Seat

DXRacer OH/SJ08 Sentinel Series ERGO Seat

  • weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • color options: Green, Blue, Red
  • height capacity: 6’6 Feet
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#3OFM Essentials Big and Tall

OFM Essentials Big and Tall

  • weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • color options: Black
  • height capacity: 6’2 Feet+ (According To Reviews)
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#4Alera Merix450 Series

Alera Merix450 Series

  • weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • color options: Black
  • height capacity: 6’3 Feet+ (According To Reviews)
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#5Boss Office B991-CP

Boss Office B991-CP

  • weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • color options: Black, Brown, Gray
  • height capacity: 6’1 Feet+ (According To Reviews)
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DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB

It’s not your ordinary DXRacer racing PC gaming chair (wow, that’s a mouthful) because this can hold up to 450 lbs.

Like any other DXRacer models, this comes with the standard features such as:

  • Reclining back
  • Adjustable height
  • Different Color Selection

One thing that sets this apart is the footrest. They have a flatter base than many racing chairs, which lets you rest your feet.

2. DXRacer Tank Series DOH:TS29:NB unboxing

It’s not only designed for larger gamers, but it can also accommodate gamers whose height is over 6 feet. This does sacrifice some comfort, however.

When it comes to material, this comfy computer chair boasts a PU or polyurethane that’s designed to mimic the feel and seat of a race car. While the polyurethane material may give you a premium feel, it isn’t breathable, like mesh. So chances are you’d sweat bullets sitting if used in a non-airconditioned room.

Like any DXRacer gaming chair, this comes with lumbar support and a neck pillow on top of having a comfortable cushioning pads.

2. DXRacer Tank Series DOH:TS29:NB unboxing 2

According to our testers, the chair really does accommodate larger gamers rather nicely. It’s so reliable that our testers can lean further past the farthest lean adjustment without any worries whatsoever.


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DXRacer OH/SJ08 Sentinel Series ERGO Seat

The DXRacer Sentinel Series is suited for the “tall” part of big and tall, with a full back, neck, and headrest for our taller friends.

However, it does so while offering the lower end of the weight bracket. At just 350 lbs capacity, this chair won’t be ideal if you’re at or approaching that weight, which is fairly common for tall folks with a healthy BMI.

The lower weight capacity, in addition to the high price, may make this a tough sell for some.

What shouldn’t, however, is the superb build quality, full back support and abundance of comfort features, like the bundled support pillows.

DXRacer is the most highly-recommended among gaming chairs due to their superb quality and comfort. The Sentinel is no different and serves the tall segment of big and tall perfectly.

However, it’s still not quite the best...


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OFM Essentials Big and Tall

The Essentials line is a particularly popular pick on Amazon, and for good reason.

At only $245, it offers full back support, good height capacity, and pretty good weight capacity. It also has leather materials, which can be expensive but also makes for an extremely comfortable seating experience.

While the Essentials does offer a lot of...the essentials, however, its downsides are still notable.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the weight again. Most chairs offer either 350 or 450 lbs capacity, and this one offers...400?

At 400 pounds capacity, this chair occupies a strange middle-ground tier. If you’re right at 350 lbs, you know to buy a chair with higher capacity, but that’s typically a 450 lb chair, which also accounts for people in the low 400s.

The weight capacity on this chair restricts it to high-300s and lowers, missing out on a key segment of the big and tall gaming population.

In addition to the strange choice of weight capacity, this chair is also quite a bit more expensive than its cheaper counterparts. This is where the dollar signs start to stack up, unfortunately.


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Alera Merix450 Series

Up next is the Alexa Merix450 Series.

The Merix is a deceptively small, sleek-looking office chair. What makes it deceptive is the fact it offers a weight capacity of 450 lbs, which is highly unusual for chairs this small or this stylish.

It also does these things while coming at a great budget price. At only $179, it’s among the cheapest 450 lb gaming chair options out there.

While the seat offers fine aesthetics, weight capacity and build quality, it does leave something to be desired: back support. It has a higher on-paper weight capacity than other chairs, but it won’t support your neck or your head for reclining during breaks in long gaming sessions.

However, its high level of comfort and weight capacity makes it an ideal option for heavier guys who just want a good seat at a good price.


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Boss Office B991-CP

Our first entrant is the Boss Office B991-CP, which we’ll just be calling the Boss Office from now on.

The list price for the Boss Office is a whopping $500, but at the time of writing, it’s a mere $156. Judging from the history of reviews, this is also a chair that regularly goes on crazy sales, from the mid-200s to the low 100s.

We wouldn’t suggest this chair at list price, but at a sale price, it makes for a compelling option. On a surface-level, it’s a bit bulkier than your average office chair, just as you may be a bit bulkier than your average office worker.

However, it’s our weakest overall option. This is because it doesn’t accommodate the higher end of “big and tall”.

If you’re in the low-300 pounds weight range, this chair will work for you. If you’re very close to its weight limit, though, and you aren’t currently in the process of losing weight, it won’t feel as stable as it should and it might not last as long, either.

And while this chair can accommodate 6-feet people fine, it doesn’t quite account for those that are closer to 7 feet. A high backrest does compensate for this somewhat, but if you want full-body support and you’re fairly tall, this may not be the right option for you.


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About “Big and Tall” Chairs

Why are they all so expensive?

As you may have noticed, most gaming chairs for big guys are significantly more expensive than their mainstream counterparts. There’s a few reasons for this.

The first reason, obviously, is that a chair needs better build quality in order to support the above-average height and weight of the big and tall population. Most chairs are made for average heights and weights.

The second reason is due to a lack of options. If you’re a big guy and you need a comfortable chair, you aren’t going to find it for $20. You’re a statistically smaller part of the population, with an even smaller market segment.

This market segment knows it can charge a lot more for its services than others can, because you don’t have an abundance of other options. It’s fairly unfortunate, but that’s just how this stuff works.

We tried to accommodate for it, however, by offering chairs from a wide variety of price ranges. We could’ve gone cheaper, but we wanted to remain sure that the chairs we were recommending were actually good/

What weight should I be shopping for?

You want at least 25 lbs of flex room, preferably more, from the weight capacity of the chair that you’re buying. We’ll go into a bit more detail on that below.

Selection Criteria


Obviously, a bigger guy is gonna want to shop for something that will handle his weight and still feel sturdy and comfortable.

To do this, you’ll want a chair with a capacity at least 25 lbs higher than your own weight, preferably higher. The closer you come to a chair’s weight capacity, the more you’ll strain the chair and the less stable it will feel.

Buying a chair while maxing out or exceeding its capacity will degrade it much more quickly than it would otherwise. Chances are if you’re spending a couple hundred bucks on a chair, you want it to last for years into the foreseeable future.

Height Capacity and Back Size

Height Capacity is another important consideration. You don’t want to lean back in a chair only to feel it digging into the middle of your spine, and this is an unfortunately common experience for taller people trying to get comfortable.

Additionally, while you don’t necessarily need a full back on your chair, having one will offer a much higher level of comfort than anything else can offer. By supporting your neck and your head in addition to your back, you can recline completely and relax in a way that most office chairs simply don’t allow.

Material and Features

Materials and features are also worth considering.

Materials like leather and PU vinyl will feel amazing to rest on, and most of the chairs on this list come with high-quality materials like those to enhance your seating experience.

Features, meanwhile, can include things like additional adjustment options, or cushioning for your head/back. Chairs that go out of their way to make sure you feel completely comfortable reclining in them are a priceless joy.

Making Your Choice

Ultimately, what makes the best gaming chair for big guys depends on where in that range you fall.

The best overall is the DXRacer Tank, but you can also settle for one of the less-expensive options if you can’t quite afford it. The Sentinel offers the same amazing experience for those who are just tall instead of big and tall.

The best budget gaming chair for heavy guys is almost certainly the Alera Merix450 Series. While it won’t offer full back support, it will provide you comfort and stability at a good price.

Meanwhile, the best budget gaming chair for tall guys is the Essentials Big and Tall Leather Executive Chair. This one is still pretty expensive, though.

Ultimately, what chair you settle on depends on your needs and your preferences.

I’m personally saving up for the DXRacer Tank. What do you guys have your eyes on?

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