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What is Atlas OS?

Windows is getting bloated and slow, so can Atlas OS be that alternative?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023 9:50 am
What is Atlas OS?

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If you’re trying to prolong the life of your older system, Windows OS might not cut it anymore. And that’s where Atlas OS comes in, aiming to reduce the weight of an operating system on your PC. Its main statement is “We redesigned Windows for gamers” with the subtitle saying play games with better performance. So what is Atlas OS?

Simply put Atlas OS is a modified Windows operating system. It guts the OS for anything that it does not need, therefore removing all the bloat and extra service running that might slow down the performance of your system. Also improving privacy with the removal of the tracking and preinstalled plans, as well as removing power saving features to give you all the power.

What does Atlas OS remove?

Atlas OS removes any tracking that comes in Windows and adds policies to minimize data collection. But it also removes pre-installed applications and other insignificant components. However, this also means that Windows Defender and Restore Points, and System Reset are also removed. Which can also lead to compatibility issues and problems.

It does mean that cracked and cheating software is also unsupported and if they don’t work they won’t work. This also means you have to be a bit more careful unless you run third-party software to make sure you’re not doing anything dangerous at the time. Although it does use AME Wizard for installation that is more secure for installing software.

Atlas OS claims to performance latency and privacy
Atlas OS claims to its improvements, source: Atlas OS

Is Atlas OS good for gaming?

Atlas OS is designed with gamers in mind, so all of the modifications done on the operating system are there to improve the experience of your hardware. Especially when it’s a bit older and might now feel sluggish with all the modern software running on it. But Atlas removes all the unnecessary stuff that’s not required for gaming and will improve the performance for what matters to you, gaming.

Is Atlas OS faster than Windows 10?

Yes, Atlas OS is modified to be faster than Windows 10. It strips all the unnecessary processes, it claims to cut down the count from 145 to just 35. With the RAM usage dropping from 2.3GB on boot to around 900MB with a claim of increasing 1% lows, i.e stuttering. But for that, it’s best to see benchmarks and comparisons.

Below, you can watch the LTT look into Atlas as a way to prolong the life of older hardware.

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