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Warframe Argon Crystal Farm Guide 2021

Learn where to farm Argon in Warframe.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:18 pm
Argon Crystal Farm

Argon Crystals are a rare and useful resource in Warframe, used for crafting powerful weapons, lenses, and warframes. They can be dropped by enemies, found in containers and lockers, and taken from deposits around mission maps.

However, the problem with Argon Crystals is that, like milk, they will decay over time once collected. This means that for every Argon Crystal you hold in your inventory, that number of crystals will reduce by half every 24 hours until they disappear entirely.

For example, 14 crystals will reduce to 7, then after a day these 7 will reduce to 3 (an odd number will take away an extra crystal), and then from 3 to 1 until you have none left.

For this reason, the first piece of advice for farming Argon Crystals is to only farm them if you intend to spend them unless you’re a cursed pirate who loves to watch hard-earned treasure slip through your fingers.

Where to find Argon Crystals?

Argon Crystals are primarily found in The Void, a weird alternate dimension and the perfect place for an aspiring Argon Farmer like you to set up shop.

There are many missions in The Void which offer Argon Crystals as loot, however, we have found that it is easiest to start with the following three (and if you want more of a challenge, their higher-level alternatives):

Hepit – Capture (Orokin 10-15)

Capture missions are simple missions that require you to capture and extract a specific target. These missions are helpful if you want to farm Argon Crystal’s solo, as they are relatively easy and short.

The best method is to bring a Warframe that does high damage so that you can clear out enemies quickly while you explore the map. Look for containers, lockers, and most importantly Argon Crystal Deposits lying around, which will guarantee you at least one Crystal.

A good Warframe for searching the map is Limbo, as his high area-of-effect damage (for example the Cataclysm ability) will break containers and crystal deposits as you move about, thus increasing your farming efficiency almost as much as a new tractor.

Also, just like any good farmer, a pet will help. The Smeeta Kavat’s charm will increase the chance of rare loot dropping, which will prove invaluable on any of these missions due to this ability. Bring them along if you can!

Due to the short mission length, this is one of the fastest and most effective ways of farming Argon Crystals.

Higher Level Alternative: Ukko – Capture (Orokin 30-35)

Teshub – Exterminate (Orokin 10-15)

Exterminate Missions will have you cutting through swathes of enemies, and with each enemy killed there will be a chance of some Argon Crystal loot.

Although this mission can easily be done solo, bringing a well-rounded team will increase your efficiency and chances to claim more Argon Crystals.

As with all resource farming, this is where the Hydroid Warframe will come in handy. Their Pilfering Swarm ability increases the chance that enemies will drop valuable resources. Similarly, the Nekros Warframe with Desecrate and the Khora Warframe with Pilfering Strangledome will also increase enemy drop rates. This will ensure you a lot of additional loot, so make sure to have at least one of these frames on your team.

Bring along the cute Smeeta Kavat, make sure to fully explore the map for containers and deposits, and you should have a fresh batch of Argon Crystals, farm to table!

Higher Level Alternative: Oxomoko – Exterminate (Orokin 30-35)

Ani – Survival (Orokin 20-25)

Survival Missions, like exterminate missions, require you to kill many waves of enemies, and therefore net you a large amount of loot, including Argon Crystals.

Ani is one of the easier Void survival missions, therefore you can run it solo. However, as always, a good team will increase your efficiency and profitability when farming.

Due to the similar nature of Defense and Survival missions, a lot of the same advice applies here. Warframes with ‘Pilfering’ mods such as Khora and Hydroid, and Nekroid with his Desecrate will ensure you make the most of the mission’s high loot potential.

Smeeta Kavat will boost your chances even more (and did I mention how stylish this thing looks?)

As usual, keep your weird Tenno eyes peeled for any Argon Crystal Deposits lying around, which are thankfully very bright and shiny. Break open any containers and lockers you find, and you should be returning home with a good amount of Argon Crystals.

Higher Level Alternative: Mot – Survival (Orokin 40-45)

Bonus Tips for Farmers

We recommend playing Survival and Defence missions for about half an hour or more if you can to ensure you claim a sizeable amount of Argon Crystals. If this isn’t possible, then Capture missions will ensure a decent amount of loot for a shorter playtime.

Additional missions for Argon Crystals are Jordas Golem – Assassination (32-34) on Eris and Heart of Deimos Isolation Vaults. However, for the amount of effort you put in, the small reward of Argon crystals is pretty paltry, and therefore not really worth it.

Use a resource booster if you can afford to. They will literally double the amount you earn from pickups. For a place called ‘The Void’ there sure is a lot of stuff here!

We hope that this guide helps you in your search for Argon Crystals. Remember that just like milk, they’ll decay fast, so use them as soon as possible (but not in coffee or anything). Happy farming!

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