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Amazon lists socket from 2006 as Intel 14th gen socket – causes confusion

Amazon may be the biggest online seller in the world, but it isn't always the smartest, what even is socket LGA 771 anyway?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023 1:48 pm
Amazon lists socket from 2006 as Intel 14th gen socket – causes confusion

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Amazon had done a funny and accidentally listed the wrong socket for the new Intel 14th-generation CPUs. I know it seems like a bit of a pedantic thing to call Amazon out on one of its millions of products for sale, but this has some potentially big implications. Especially since Amazon lists socket from 2006 as Intel 14th gen socket which could cause a great deal of confusion.

As you probably know, the 2 components you need when building a PC are the CPU and motherboard, these components are closely related because they have to share the same CPU socket to be compatible with one another.

This is where the issue lies if you know very little about CPUs or PCs in general, but you’ve adopted that self-fueled DIY attitude and are determined to build your PC. It’s errors like this that could lead you astray when building with the best intel CPU.

Amazon lists incorrect socket for Intel’s 14th-generation CPUs

Intel’s 14th-generation CPUs belong to socket LGA 1700, but if you ask Amazon, they belong to socket LGA 771. Socket LGA 1700 is the correct socket that supports 12th, 13th, and 14th generation Intel Core processors. Which is the socket you should be pairing your 14th-generation CPU with.

Amazon lists 2006 socket for 14th gen
The Intel core i9-14900k processor, available on Amazon, has confused confusion in some due to its listing of a socket from 2006 as the Intel 14th gen socket.

The Intel Core i9-14900K is available on Amazon for $599, but the wrong socket is listed in the specifications

Socket LGA 771 came out in 2006, and is nothing like socket LGA 1700, it’s not even the correct physical size to accommodate the 14th-generation CPUs. We can’t even begin to list the differences between these two.

For comparison, here is a Socket LGA 771 and Socket LGA 1700 motherboard side-by-side.

lga771 lga 1700 side by side
Two different motherboards on top of each other, confusing people due to Amazon listing an Intel 14th gen socket from 2006.

The issue with this is that you might end up confused and buying the wrong motherboard. It’s easy for us PC-building veterans to scoff at the thought of purchasing the wrong hardware, but to someone less seasoned, it’s something that can be easily done.

Amazon has a lot on its plate, but it needs to ensure it has the correct information available, especially with new CPU launches.

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