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How to do emojis on Chromebook

Need to use Emojis on your Chromebook? Here's how it's done

Updated: Apr 26, 2023 3:49 pm
How to do emojis on Chromebook

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So, you’ve been wondering how to do emojis on Chromebook. It’s good to have quick access to emojis on your internet-connected devices because they have become essential to our communications. However, emoji use on computers, particularly Chromebooks, can be slightly more challenging than on mobile devices.

We’ll explain how to use emojis on your Chromebook and where to locate them in this guide.

How to do emojis on Chromebook 

Chrome OS comes with the Google emoji collection. Therefore, there is no need to download any kind of third-party app in order to use emojis on a Chromebook. Compared to other operating systems like macOS and Windows, Chrome OS makes it very simple to access emojis.

Using a physical keyboard & mouse



Right click in text box

Your cursor must be in a text box to access the emojis. Right-click in the text box to insert an emoji when you’re ready to do so.



Open Emoji keyboard

With this, a pop-up menu will appear. Select “Emoji” from the menu to access the emoji keyboard.



Choose category & emoji

On the top, there is a list of emoji categories. Simply look up or browse for the desired emoji and choose it. You can also scroll through the emojis to find the one you like.



Final step and keyboard shortcut

Simply click the emoji you want to use – this will be now inputted into the text box.

If you’d like, there’s a keyboard shortcut added in Chrome OS 92. To open the same emoji pop-up window, click the Search/Launcher key+Shift+Space.

Keep sending as many emojis as you like. They are no longer only available on smartphones!


Using the on-screen keyboard

You should use this technique if you have a Chromebook with a touchscreen because it’s preferable to the other methods. The virtual keyboard might appear as a floating window rather than a full-size keyboard, similar to Chrome OS devices with a physical keyboard.

The on-screen keyboard that comes with Chrome OS is very similar to the Gboard that we are all familiar with from Android. This is easily enabled with a single click, and after selecting an emoji, it remains active.

  1. Open the Settings tab on your Chromebook to enable the on-screen keyboard. 
  2. Click Advanced in the left navigation pane. In the extended advanced settings, click Accessibility.
  3. Click on Manage accessibility features. 
  4. Next, go to the keyboard and text input section and select Enable on-screen keyboard by clicking the toggle. 

The virtual keyboard button will be displayed on the bottom right corner, close to the time, as soon as the on-screen keyboard has been enabled. To access the keyboard, click it. Click the smiling face emoji button in the bottom row on the left to access the emoji section.

Click the close keyboard button in the bottom right corner of the keyboard to shut it off.

Using the trackpad

Move the cursor to the text area where you want to add the emoji with the mouse or trackpad. You can select the emojis with a right-click on the text box.

A keyboard with emojis will appear. To use an emoji, scroll until you find it, then click it. However, the emoji keyboard vanishes after a single click, so you’ll have to repeat the procedure if you want to use it again.

How to do emojis on Chromebook FAQs

Does Chromebook have more emojis?

Chromebook certainly has access to an extensive list of emojis, with new emojis being created every so often. Chromebook doesn’t have any more emojis compared to other Google platforms such as Android.

iOS and Android go back and forth when adding new emojis, so it’s hard to say which one has the most at any given time.

Does Chromebook have iOS / Apple emojis?

Every platform has it’s own look for different emojis, while some have more than others.

So, no, Google devices such as Chromebooks don’t have access to the exact iOS emojis you may be used to, but the majority will be similar in look.

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