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Best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 7 7700

Want to know what the best motherboard for the 7700 is? You're in the right place.

Updated: Jan 10, 2023 2:23 pm
best mobo for ryzen 7 7700

AMD announced many exciting things at CES 2023, most notably the “non-X” Ryzen 7000 series CPUs. These new CPUs promise to bring unmatched levels of efficiency whilst retaining a great deal of performance. We’re looking today at the 7700, however, every good CPU needs a strong motherboard behind it. What’s the best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 7 7700?

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We’re going to look today at the 7700X and determine the best motherboard to pair it with. Don’t let the fact that it’s the middle CPU fool you, the 7700 is still pretty powerful for the middle of the pack, and the motherboard will reflect that.

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Best motherboard for Ryzen 7 7700: Top pick

What is the difference between X670E and X670?

The difference between these two top-dog Chipsets is that the more premium of the two, the X670E, focuses more on overclocking and features than the X670. The X670 focuses more on bringing a snippet of the top-end for a better price, however, by doing this it does sacrifice some features.

Both of these chipsets offer up PCIe 5.0 connectivity but to different lengths. The X670E is able to offer PCIe 5.0 for both your M.2 and GPU. Whilst X670 will have a lot fewer of the faster PCIe lanes. This means only one GPU slot will be PCIe 5 and the rest not. Whilst storage may also follow that.

The more premium X670E chipset lends its hand to overclocking in a serious manner, you can still overclock on the X670, just not to the same enthusiast level as the X670E.

If you want a motherboard that allows you to make the most of your CPU, then you want one that carries the X670E chipset. You can still do all of this on the X670 platform, just to a slightly lesser extent.

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What is the best form factor for the Ryzen 7 7700?

Motherboards come in all shapes and sizes, there are four main motherboard sizes. Each of these differs more from the last. The main difference is the level or extent of features and creature comforts you can physically fit onto the motherboard.

The smaller motherboards physically cannot pack as many features onto the motherboard, whereas the extended motherboards have no issue making the motherboards as feature-rich as humanly possible.

The point is you can only load a motherboard up with as many features as will physically fit on the motherboard before overcrowding causes heat issues. If you want more, go big, less go small.

Motherboard form factor

All you need is to get a motherboard that will fit into your PC case or vice versa. Case size has much more of an impact on motherboard choice than PCU does.

We always recommend the best here, so find yourself a nice X670E motherboard that fits into your PC case. We promise you’ll be good on that for a while.

Best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 7 7700

In the middle of the pack, there is a variety of choices to pick from, but we think we have sussed out the best motherboard in which to have the 7700 seated.

MSI MPG X670E Carbon WiFi


MSI MPG X670E Carbon WiFi

Form factor
Power stages
2.5Gb LAN, WiFi 6E, 16x USB A, and 3x USB C
PCIe Gen 5
M.2 and PCIe x16
  • The cheaper option of the MSI lineup without too many drawbacks
  • Plenty of cooling and heatsinks for optimal performance
  • One of thec cheaper options for overclocking
  • Still an expensive option for X670 chipset

The best choice in our opinion for a Ryzen 5 7700 motherboard is the MSI MPG X670E Carbon WiFi. It also is more focused on the basics but still with the overclocking potential.

It doesn’t have all the fancy extras of the higher-end choices but it still has the necessities. Featuring 18+2+1 VRM phases for the delivery of stable and clean power to maximize performance.

The Carbon comes with plenty of cooling across the board to ensure temperatures never become an issue, and helps keep the performance up. This is all thanks to the large heatsinks and heat pipes to move the heat away from the temperature-sensitive components.

For its expansion, it includes two PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, and two of the four M.2s are also gen 5. So you can get unlimited potential from both your graphics and storage which it can hold plenty of.

That also comes with connectivity, as it has a 2.5 Gb LAN port and WiFi 6E. There is also plenty of USB ports two of which are type C.

This is a middle-of-the-pack motherboard for a middle-of-the-pack CPU. It’s a match made in CPU heaven, and won’t cost a bomb to boot.

Final Word

The Ryzen 7 7700 is a formidable CPU, it’s incredible efficiency means that you’re going to more than likely want this featuring inside a small format factor build. If that is the case then there’s a large selection of X670E ITX motherboards out there. But for desktop users, we think we have made the right choice.

You can save money on the 7700 and not have to shell out for a big cooler, as the TDP dictates the 7700 won’t need a beefy cooling solution and spend that money on something that truly matters; the motherboard.

If you want to get your hands on a 7700, then you may do so on our “7700 where to buy” article.

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