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Mar 11, 2022 9:39 am

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Razer gaming chair buyer’s guide

Razing the stakes on gaming chairs

razer gaming chair

Yes indeed, Razer gaming chairs. The once-humble peripheral manufacturer known for its mice and keyboards has expanded its sphere of influence to included gaming furniture. Admittedly, Razer might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think about gaming chairs, most default to Secretlab or noblechairs. However, don’t count the Singaporean giant out just yet as they’ve had considerable success from just two gaming chairs. Let’s dig into these two chairs so you know what the score is and can make an informed decision.

Why buy a Razer gaming chair?

Razer has managed to garner a reputation as one of the leading peripheral manufacturers, known for excellent build quality, industry-leading performance, and some of the most aggressive visual design we’ve seen here at WePC. Suffice to say, we are fans of Razer and many of its products are found on our desks in the office. We’ve also got hands-on with both chairs in the past.

Razer Iskur or Razer Enki

Luckily, these are the only two chairs made by Razer, so there’s not much opportunity for option-paralysis here. There are, however, some major differences that you should be aware of before making your final decision, we’re going to go over some of the more crucial features of each chair for you.

What to look for in a Razer gaming chair

There are a few key aspects that are applicable here. Luckily, they can all be applied to other brands of gaming chairs too. It’s got to look good, be comfortable, and encourage a healthy posture, luckily both of these chairs manage this but in marginally different ways that we’ll get into later. Of course, Razer being a premium brand means a correspondingly premium price tag, so you’ve got to be willing to pay quite a bit here, if you’re on a tighter budget, we’ve got a guide on the best budget gaming chair too.

Razer Iskur gaming chair

Razer barrelled into the gaming chair market back in October of 2020 with the release of the Razer Iskur. This gaming chair has a novel piston-driven lumbar support system that had a huge travel distance making it ideal for a wide variance of gamers. This sort of adjustment system is truly unique and good fun to play with. It really does puzzle us as to why no other gaming chair manufacturers have attempted to emulate this design.


Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

66.5 x 137 x 74.5 centimetre

Of course, the standard array of bells and whistles gaming chairs come with these days is present. The Razer Iskur gaming chair comes with 4-D armrests, tilt-lock, and a very respectable 139-degree maximum recline angle. It’s certainly ticking all the right boxes so far.

Other features of this Razer gaming chair, aside from the aforementioned lumbar support system include the steel-reinforced construction, this allows for an impressive 299lbs/136kg maximum load, you’d have to be an absolute unit of unparalleled volume to overload this bad boy. Here’s what you need to know, at a glance:

  • Adjustable Back support, with included memory foam neck pillow.
  • Three colorways to choose from. Grey Fabric, blacked-out faux leather, or black and green faux leather.
  • Reccommended height range: 5’6″ – 6’2″

We also like the design, of course, the triple-snake logo is here, alongside some choice implementation of lime-green accents in the fabric. Keeping with the razer theme, the lumbar support section is stitched in a pattern reminiscent of snakeskin which is a subtle design choice just how we like it. We do find the ‘For gamers, by gamers’ logo in bright green to be garish, but given that it’s located on the front of the base, you won’t be too triggered by it.

Razer Enki gaming chair

Razer’s second product in the gaming chair space was the Razer Enki, released in October of 2021, it become notable as Razer elected to remove the piston-based lumbar support in favor of an ergonomically designed, yet fixed, seatback. However, The Razer Enki retained the usual stuff, 4-D armrests, tilt lock, etc. In our Razer Enki review, we found the chair to be serviceable comfy, but the fixed ergonomics made it unideal for a large portion of the WePC staff.

Razer Enki 3

Razer Enki gaming chair

Seat base width
Recline angle
152 degrees
Shoulder arch
110 degrees

Visually speaking, we far prefer the Razer Enki over the Razer Iskur. Razer has deftly utilized a combination of different materials and textures to create a very visually striking gaming chair. We particularly like the faux leather strip that vertically bisects the backrest. The surrounding areas of the backrest are a pleasingly matte, felt-esque texture. Razer has also reduced the prevalence of their signature lime-green, with thinner stitching. Thankfully, they’ve also scrapped the ‘For gamers, by gamers’ branding from the exterior of this chair. Here’s a quick rundown of the vital info:

  • Built-in, fixed lumbar support.
  • Three colorways to choose from. Black, quartz, or black and green combo.
  • Recommended height range: 5’4″ – 5’8″

It’s worth noting in this Razer gaming chairs buyer’s guide that the difference in price is substantial. At time of writing, the Iskur is priced at $499, whereas the Enki is 20% less with a price of $399. The $100 difference is presumably due to the extra cost of the piston lumbar support system in the Enki. We have to assume that this is why they decided to drop this complicated system when they were developing the Enki.

Razer gaming chair: Enki and Iskur – Final word

In the end, it comes down to a mixture of personal preferences and some unequivocal specs. On the surface, the chairs look very similar, and visually speaking, there’s not much in it. The real differences come down to two aspects: the features and the price. The Price has already been noted, and it makes sense that the Razer Enki, having fewer features than the Iskur, would have a correspondingly lower price. However, it must be said that you won’t find all features worthwhile, and some might be entirely superfluous to you. Given that Razer only produces two gaming chairs, this buyer’s guide should help make the decision between the two a little easier for you. Happy gaming!

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