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Call of Duty official Season 4 announcement, introducing Vondel

Updated: Jun 8, 2023 9:37 pm
Call of Duty official Season 4 announcement, introducing Vondel

Earlier this week, we got the road map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, seeing all of what Activision had in store for us next week. At the Summer Games Fest today, we got some gameplay footage of what Vondel will be like during battles.

Vondel is a new map coming to Call of Duty: Warzone, featuring a Medieval Castle and an abandoned Zoo. This is where battles will take place in this free-to-play game. Players don’t have to wait long for this fourth season, which is coming on June 14.

Call of Duty shown at Summer Games Fest

Even better, fans spotted Amazon Prime’s The Boys logo spray painted on the side of a building a car was jumping off of, hinting at the possibility of a collaboration while in season 4. Things are about to get heated up and be a whole lot more exciting in this new season of Call of Duty, coming next week.

This newest season looks like it will give players far more opportunities at action-packed firefights. We saw a football stadium, vehicle combat on water, and a large arena for players. We saw a bunch of different environments and firefight locations shown off, as well as a short reference to The Boys.

While we didn’t see much else on the reference, we imagine that more will come out on it, as many fans have seen the tweet from CharlieIntel we’ve shown above.

While we know it takes players all trying to be competitive to have intense fights as shown in the trailer, Call of Duty is doing their best to give players great areas to fight in. We imagine that this new season will change a lot.

(This story is still developing.)

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