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MW2 & Warzone Season 4 End Date

Updated: Aug 2, 2023 2:26 pm
MW2 & Warzone Season 4 End Date

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone welcomed Season 4 of the battle royale game in early June. After sharing their full roadmap online for everyone to take a look at, players were greeted with some amazing new content, even including a new map and also some new modes and new weapons too. Some other factions were added as well.

Some of the content that was introduced was some new guns that we spoke about in our Season 4 ranking loadout list. In Warzone, players receive some increased health updates to multiplayer gameplay, which makes things easier for you and your squadmate. Also, the new Vondel map was added, along with many new bundles and skins that included new operators.

With the hype for the new season generating, players might be curious as to when the current season will end. Below is when the end date for Call of Duty: MW2 and Warzone Season 4, which will soon welcome Season 5 afterward. 

When does MW2 & Warzone 2 Season 4 End?

MW2 and Warzone Season 4 will officially end on August 2, which marks the end of being able to complete the battle pass and earn the rewards. Season 5 will be launching later that same day to take over.

Seasons for video games normally only run for a short period of time before introducing the next one. For MW2 and Warzone, Activision normally lets their seasons last for about two months before a new one begins. Previous seasons have followed this standard, and Season 4 comes just a bit shorter at 49 days.

So for anyone who wants to complete all the missions and get all the reward items, be sure to do it before the first Wednesday in August. Season 4 saw the release of new vehicles, new multiplayer maps, new emblems, and weapon charms. The mid-season update, Season 4 Reloaded in July brought the new Gulag to Vondel and a new field upgrade. The launch of Season 5 will be bringing plenty of new content to the table courtesy of Activision and Infinity Ward, just as every seasonal updates do.

Was MW2 Season 4 Short?

Season 4 only lasted 49 days which is a considerable drop so it definitely is a little shorter in comparison to previous Seasons, but with the new Season on the way we’re anticipating it to be a lot bigger with the new modes additions alongside the plethora of weapons on the way too.

When does MW2 & Warzone 2

MW2 and Warzone Season 4 will officially end on August 2, this marks the end of the battle pass and to be able to earn the rewards.

Was MW2 Season 4 Short?

Yes, relatively. MW2 Season 4 lasted 49 days which is considerable shorter to previous seasons. However fans should be excited for a jam-packed Season 5 with new modes and weapons

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