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Call of Duty Vanguard Packet Burst – How to fix

Sort out the pesky Packet Burst Call of Duty Vanguard issue with these quick fixes

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:49 pm
packet burst vanguard

As new games launch, there is always teething problems, even in this day in age where it seems that the big publishers have unlimited pots of cash. This is especially true when you throw cross-platform play into the mix which can cause a plethora of problems when it comes to networking, controller and mouse & keyboard balancing, and more.

One such game where players have been experiencing said issues profusely is Call of Duty. More specifically, in Call of Duty Vanguard, it has been the Packet Burst issue that has been affecting most, causing jitters and stutters in-game while taking part in multiplayer matches.

The Packet Burst issue isn’t new with Warzone players encountering this problem in various seasons of the free-to-play battle royale experience but now, with the release of Vanguard, it seems that this issue has been more rife than ever for PC players.

Below, we’re going to be detailing all the fixes you can try to help you with the Packet Burst issue, so that you can get your Vanguard PVP games running as smooth as they can and get those victories.

How to fix Packet Burst in Call of Duty Vanguard

how to fix packet burst cod vanguard

As expected this early in, Activision, or Sledgehammer Games for that matter, haven’t come out publicly with a specific fix to the Packet Burst issue but due to the sheer amount of players currently in the game, there have been various potential fixes that have worked for some.

The first of these relates to graphics and more specifically, the ‘On-demand Texture Streaming’ option. To see if this fixes things, you’re going to need to switch this option off. To do so, head to your Vanguard settings and click on the Graphics tab. Once in there, scroll down and locate the ‘On-demand Texture Streaming’. Toggle this off and save your settings.

Up next is to simply play on a wired connection. This is due to the fact that over WiFi, there are a number of different factors that come into play such as how far away from the router you are and how much interference there might be. A wired connection will always be superior and it could potentially fix that pesky Packet Burst problem.

The final roll of the dice is for you VPN users out there. If you’re playing CoD Vanguard using a VPN, maybe to gain access to different regions, turn that off as you’re creating more barriers to break down for the servers. Once turned off play a few matches as see if that Packet Burst message is displaying.

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