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Crysis 4 potential release date: Speculation on the game’s launch emerges

The Crysis 4 release date is more than likely several years away

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 4:58 pm
Crysis 4 potential release date: Speculation on the game’s launch emerges

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Well, it is official, Crysis 4 is real, with the Crytek team finally announcing the game in the West. The rumour of the game’s imminent arrival came from China, with the Crytek’s Chinese team posting the details before anywhere else in the world. But now, the global team has sent all the information out about the game’s official announcement.

With the Crysis 4 announcement fresh, people want to know more information on the upcoming triple-A game. Many are keen to see the latest Crysis 4 trailer and want to know more about the Crysis 4 release date. As it stands, there is not much to go off, so we will speculate based on the information we do have available off the back of the game’s fresh launch.

Crysis 4 potential release date – When can we expect to see Crysis 4?

At the time of writing, no one knows the exact Crysis 4 release date. The game was only just announced on January 26, with a working title reveal trailer dropping along with a blog from the CEO. Not to mention the studio is still actively developing the game, and still need to hire over 21 positions for an unannounced Tiple-A title, presuming that is for Crysis 4. Add it the fact the reveal trailer is a working title trailer, and we have reason to believe this project is relatively fresh and needs to ramp up its development. You can see the Crytek career page over on the studio’s website.

So, based on this information, we speculate the Crysis 4 release date to occur sometime from late 2024 to early 2025. The game may be more underway than we think it is, making the potentially launch somewhere in early 2024 or even late 2023. But that is highly unlikely.

Crysis 4 Reveal Trailer

By now you have heard us mention the Crysis 4 reveal trailer. Well, it’s the only thing we have got other than an official acknowledgement of the game from Crytek. The trailer has in bracket “(working title)” meaning the devs don’t even know what the game is called just yet, other than obviously Crysis 4.

As for the Crysis 4 reveal trailer, it only shows some edgy scientific anomalies, a solar flare going off, cities frying up, along with an empty and dead Crysis suit in the marketing material. The trailer seems to indicate that things have gone very long. But, there seems to be some earthly rebuilding going on, so maybe that is a hint of a rebuilding process in the game. Who knows, really? We won’t be able to tell until later when more concrete gameplay footage emerges. 

To reiterate, this game is very early on in the dev process, as we can see. We are using evidence to speculate on the Crysis 4 release date. When we get more information, we will update the article.

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