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Diablo 4 Console Commands

If you're looking to change up your gaming experience, then some console commands might be the way

Updated: Oct 17, 2023 2:38 pm
Diablo 4 Console Commands

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As you set to enjoy the latest installment in the Diablo franchise, you may be keen to explore it to its utmost potential or see how it breaks and you can get the most out of it. With that, we see if there are any Diablo 4 console commands to utilize.

Console commands have their uses, not just if you want to cheat on some items or help yourself. It might even allow you to free yourself or get through something that isn’t quite working as it should. While we don’t recommend cheating things like Uber Uniques or giving yourself more items like Angelbreath, technically console commands would let you do that.

Console Commands played a role in previous Diablo games like Diablo II but have since been removed mainly do to the online aspect of the games. If you’re curious about them in Diablo 4, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything about console commands in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 cheats

Will there be any cheats in Diablo 4? Well, given the fact that ‘cheats’ in the previous Diablo game came in the form of Easter eggs or secret levels, it may be hard to figure that out early on. Especially since we’ll be wanting to soak in as much as we can in terms of gameplay and new features.

Either way, we’ll be listing any and every Diablo 4 cheat, easter egg, or secret level just below – maybe a cow level?

Right now, we don’t see any settings to indicate a console or other kinds of cheats. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming any time soon.

Diablo 4 launch commands

Battle.net has benefitted from the feature of launch commands for some time now, but what can you use them for in Diablo 4? Well, the ‘additional command line arguments’ can be accessed through your game settings in the Battle.net client. You can find a more complete list from this Reddit post. We’ve picked out just a few that may be useful for users who want to tinker with settings.

  • -autologin : Logs in to account as soon as the game is booted
  • -highdpicursor : Enables cursor with higher DPI (resolution)
  • -nobackgroundfpslimit : Removes any limit on your FPS while the game is minimized
  • -nofpslimit : Removes your FPS limit in-game
  • -novoice : Voice chat disabled
  • -overridelogfolder : Allows you to alter the location of the game’s log files
  • -suppressui : Hides/supresses the user interface in-game
  • -windowed : Launches the game in windowed mode

Does Diablo 4 have chat commands?

Simple chat commands may be something you’re familiar with if you’ve played other Battle.net or Blizzard games in the past. Something like global chat in World of Warcraft immediately comes to mind. Right now, we’re yet to see if this is possible in the latest iteration of Diablo, but it’s something we expect – especially on the PC platform. These are basically shortcuts you can use in the chat to address other players. For example /afk or /away will mark you as such, and /party will send your following message to your party chat exclusively.

Simple commands such as the following are in Diablo 4:

  • /ignore (player) – Hides messages from select player
  • /msg (player) – Send a private message to a player
  • /whisper (player) or /w (player) – Whisper to a specific player
  • /unignore (player) – Allows you to view messages from the ignored player

One Reddit post shows interest in this too – but it appears that many of those features, such as inviting or partying up with a friend have been moved over to the emote wheel feature instead. Viewing your friends list has also been moved. Other actions like creating a clan or viewing a quest have also been moved to menus.

Diablo 4 console commands FAQs

Does Diablo 4 have console commands?

At the moment, there are no console commands available within Diablo 4. This is the same as how it worked in Diablo 3. There are launch commands to tinker with though.

Can I open the console in Diablo 4?

There is currently no option for a developer console in Diablo 4. Therefore, it’s not possible open it.

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