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Diablo 4 console commands

If you're looking to change up your gaming experience, then some console commands might be the way

Updated: Mar 20, 2023 1:44 pm
diablo 4 console commands

As you set to enjoy your early access version you may be keen to explore it to its utmost potential or see how it breaks and you can get the most out of it. With that, we see if there are any Diablo 4 console commands to utilize.

Console commands have their uses, not just if you want to cheat in some items or help yourself. Especially in early access, it might allow you to free yourself or get through something that isn’t quite working as it should.

However, if the game follows what Diablo 3 did then there is unlikely to be any commands in this game either. That game has some secret levels and easter eggs but nothing to enhance your experience.

It would be unlikely to mess around with console commands, especially since it’s only time for the Diablo 4 open beta at the moment.

best graphics settings for diablo 4 pc
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Diablo 3 cheats that might be included

Diablo 3 features a couple of secret levels which might also happen in Diablo 4. So you’d have to be on the lookout for any way to access those.

The first was Development Hell. Where in Act 1 during Shattered Crown, there are Defiled Crypts. And there is a chance one of them will take you into the secret level where the enemies are named after the dev team.

The other one is the Whimsyshire, a secret level/land in Diablo 3. For it, you needed a staff of herding to find it. So be on the lookout for a similar set of features in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 cheats

Will there be any cheats in Diablo 4? Well, given the fact that ‘cheats’ in the previous Diablo game came in the form of easter eggs or secret levels, it may be hard to figure that out early on. Especially since we’ll be wanting to soak in as much as we can in terms of gameplay and new features.

Either way, we’ll be listing any and every Diablo 4 cheat, easter egg, or secret level just below – maybe a cow level?

Right now, we don’t see any settings to indicate a console or other kinds of cheats. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

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