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Evil Dead Mission 1 Walkthrough and tips and tricks

We guide you through the first Evil Dead mission, If you Love Someone, Set Them Free

Updated: May 13, 2022 2:16 pm
Evil Dead Mission 1 Walkthrough and tips and tricks

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Evil Dead is now live, and players are jumping into the game and getting to grips with PvP and missions. Missions are the single-player experience that gives players the chance to get some extra goodies, including outfits, collectables, and new characters. The first mission gives you Ash from Ash vs Evil Dead, but first, you have to complete the harder objectives. The mission is hard with no checkpoint, so this Evil Dead mission 1 walkthrough will help beat the challenge via a few tips and tricks.

Evil Dead Mission 1 Walkthrough: If you Love Someone, Set Them Free

There’s nothing particularly tricky about the objectives in the mission. However, resources are scarce, and some weapons are hidden around the map. These pickups and loot are the difference between succeeding in this mission and getting chomped. One key skill you need is dodging. We recommend having a few practice attempts at dodging the Deadites the best you can. Also, we recommend not burning through your matchsticks. You should use one on the lantern in between the hut and the shovel house as you come back there a few times, and you should keep one spare for the grave objective and light the nearby campfire. You can then get another one spare from the Manor later on in the mission if you need it.

As for other tips, we recommend that you look for the following: These will help you make the mission much easier, especially if you find that drinks and ammo are scarce.

  • Can get onwards of 12 ammo from the starting hut. You may either acquire them asap or save them for the end of the missions when you return with Linda’s head. It is up to you.
  • You can pick up a blue shotgun in the Bronson mine near the big Deadite Elite.
  • If you kill the Deadite Elite in the cave, you get an extra drink to heal – at least we did anyway. It is easy to kill it by itself in the cave by simply jumping every time it looks to attack. If not, use your ammo on it if you’re not confident you can dodge it. Aim for the head if you do so, and make sure to pick up the blue shotgun beforehand.
  • Purple quality chainsaw outside the hut where you get the shovel. You can easily find it by the demonic ash like runes on the ground with the chainsaw in the middle.
  • Can get another blue shotgun and some extra ammo from the treehouse as you head from the hut to the grave if you missed the first one.
  • Search the manor for ammo. You can get another 20 or so shells from the manor along with an orange quality shotgun and a chainsaw on the top floor. The chainsaw is by the table and the shotgun is by an upstairs fireplace. You can also get an extra matchstick from the upstairs landing if you used them already.
Evil Dead Mission 1 Walkthrough
A view from the treetop where you can get a blue shotgun and some extra shells.

The early part of the game is certainly the harder part of the mission, as there are plenty of Deadites knocking around. You need to use your ammo in sticky situations or get good at dodging here. Once you get the purple quality chainsaw from the shovel hut, you will be fine in melee fights.

When you get to the manor part, keep in mind there are a few easy to kill Deadites in the house. There are also two Deadite Elites with lumberjackets on, aka the Deadite Elites. Be careful of wasting too much ammo as you still need to kill the main demon at the end.

At the very end of the mission, you will encounter the chunky flying demon, Henriette. This is a faster-moving geezer Deadite and hits quite hard. Although, landing a few quality headshots with your double-barrel orange quality weapon will delete in a couple of rounds. Please pick up the legendary quality double-barrel shotgun from the manor’s upstairs before leaving as the blue quality shotguns will not suffice.

This concludes the Evil Dead mission 1 walkthrough for If you Love Someone, Set Them Free. Hopefully, you beat the missions and grab yourself your first unlockable character in Evil Dead. 

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