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FIFA 23 Best Starter Pack

What is the best Starter Pack in FIFA 23?

Updated: Sep 23, 2022 4:08 pm
FIFA 23 Best Starter Pack

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Once you first fire up FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – whether you’re on the Web App or the game – you will be asked to set up your new Ultimate Team. 

You will be given two kits, a badge and the choice of a nation. The nation you choose will be the nationality of where your starter pack will come from. 

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Below we are going to break down the strengths of each of the nations in an attempt to try and figure out what may be the best nation to choose for you. Here is a breakdown of each of the nine nations: 

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FIFA 23 Starter Pack: England 

England has one of the largest crops of players to choose from in the game, and the highest number of low rated players. The reason there are so many low rated English players is because there are four English leagues in FIFA 23, the most of any nation. 

The biggest strength of choosing England though is the majority of english players do play in England, so you don’t have to worry about too many leagues or the players being spread out too far. 

You also have a very good chance of getting a Premier League player or two, and considering this is normally the best league on FIFA, it’s certainly not a bad thing. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack: Brazil 

Brazil boasts a lot of really good players, with some really good dribbling abilities in particular. They are also spread out across some of the best leagues in the world, so if you’re unsure on a starter league, this could be a great way of letting the game decide for you. 

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If you’re lucky enough to get a starter straight away, which is unlikely, then you already know which division to commit the rest of your squad to. It is also worth noting, that because there are so many different Brazilians in different leagues, your squad building isn’t too restricted. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack: France

Choosing France will be an incredibly popular choice, maybe the most popular. Like Brazil, you can find these players all across the world so they’re considerably more spread out than the English.

However, there is still Ligue 1 which is a great starting league on FIFA and it is always bound to get a lot of specials throughout FIFA 23. France also has some of the best players in the game, the pool of players has a lot of genuine quality and there is a lot of scope to get someone usable straight away. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack: Argentina 

Argentina is quite similar to Brazil when it comes to choosing the starter pack, however there isn’t quite as much quality as there is with Brazil. Once again there are a lot of players spread out across the world, in some very strong leagues. 

Sadly though, this is one of the weaker options to choose for a starting squad and one that we wouldn’t recommend. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack: Germany 

Germany is home to the Bundesliga, one of the top five leagues in Europe, while also being an incredibly strong team at national level. You have a genuinely good chance of getting one or two starters to kick you off. 

Most German players are based in the Bundesliga too, but they are a bit more spread out than the English. Germany also has more leagues in FIFA 23 than most countries, so you do have a higher chance of getting some really low quality players, due to the German third division. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack: Italy 

Italy is a lot like England with how many of their players play their traden in Italy. Also, there is only one division of Italian football in FIFA, and it is the top division.

This means your chances of getting a decent player is quite high, and Serie A is a great starter league on FIFA Ultimate Team. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack: Spain

Spain’s La Liga is one of the strongest leagues in the world, it is home to the current Champions League holders: Real Madrid and there are a lot of quality players in this division. 

There are also only two divisions in FIFA 23 from Spain, so the pool of players is a little bit smaller like Italy. Increasing your chances of getting someone who may be able to start straight away. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack: Portugal 

The Portuguese league is one of the weaker leagues in Europe, despite the quality of the national team. A lot of their top, top players do not play in Portugal, so if you’re unsure of what division you want to start in then this could be a good way of doing it. 

There is a large Portuguese contingent in the Premier League and La Liga, which is also where some of the best Portuguese players are. Renato Sanches, is also in Ligue 1 now who is always a dynamite player early on in FIFA 23 and so the chance of getting him could be worth the decision alone. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack: Netherlands 

There are a lot of similarities between the Portuguese starter pack and the Netherlands starter packs. None of their best players play in that division, but there is a lot of quality in the national team. 

Once again, this is a great pack to choose if you’re unsure on which league you want to commit to, but know they have some incredibly strong players in a variety of different leagues. 

FIFA 23 Starter Pack FAQs

When can I access the FIFA 23 Starter Pack

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team starter pack will be available from the moment you first fire up FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This is already available via the Web and Companion app.

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