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FIFA 23: How to Griddy

It's time to Griddy

Updated: Apr 18, 2023 9:37 pm
FIFA 23: How to Griddy

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In each new FIFA there are always a few celebrations introduced for you to frustrate the opposition with, this time around EA have introduced The Griddy.

The Griddy is credited to Allen Davis, who invented the dance move before it became a common celebration in the NFL. Then, last season, we saw players like Christian Pulisic and Anthony Elanga also adopt the celebration. After we even saw famous pundits like Jamie Carragher and Alex Scott try out the dance move on TV.

Over the last few years the dance move has continued to grow as a global trend. So naturally the next logical place for The Griddy was in FIFA 23, especially after it has featured in Fortnite and Madden too.

How to Hit The Griddy in FIFA 23? 

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Below we will outline how to do the famous celebration after you score in FIFA 23

How to do The Griddy PS5/PS4?  

  • Hold R2, flick the right analog stick up twice

How to do the Griddy Xbox Series S|X/Xbox One?

  • Hold RT, flick the right analog stick up twice

That’s all it takes, it’s much more simple than some other celebrations so you best get used to seeing this one.

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