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How to get the Demontamer’s Sash in Final Fantasy 16

Updated: Jun 27, 2023 3:21 pm
How to get the Demontamer’s Sash in Final Fantasy 16

Make sure Clive has the latest accessories, such as the Demontamer’s Sash in Final Fantasy 16. Through your travels in Valisthea, you will encounter various weapons or accessories, such as the Dark Sash and Iron Belt. 

However, it’s understandable that you may be looking for something with better stats than those items, especially when you need to participate in boss battles and Eikonic clashes. So, follow this guide to learn how to get the Demontamer’s Sash in Final Fantasy 16. 

Where to find the Demontamer’s Sash in Final Fantasy 16

You can obtain the Demontamer’s Sash in Final Fantasy 16 in two ways. You will get the first Demontamer’s Sash during the Righting Wrongs main quest. You can find the first Demontamer’s Sash in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, during which you must complete a few side quests for The Dame.

You can fast-travel using the Northreach Obelisk or Royal Meadows Obelisk to The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. To get the Sash, go to the Royal Meadows and northeast towards The Baywatch area. Once you reach the large watchtower on the hill, you must slay Imperial War Wyrms and Imperial Legionnaires. Now, you can approach the tower and find the treasure coffer box next to the tower door. Interact with it by pressing X on your controller to obtain the Demontamer’s Sash.

The second way to obtain the Demontamer’s Sash is in The Grand Duchy of Rosaria. You will find this Sash during the Bloodlines quest when you go to The Auldhyl Docks. You can fast travel to this area using The Auldhyl Dock Obelisk. From the Obelisk, make your way to the Docks, and you will find the treasure coffer hidden in a barn near the port seaside. The Demontamer’s Sash accessory belt has the following stats Defense of 48 and an HP of 14. 

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