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Is GTA 6 In Vice City?

Is GTA 6 taking us back to Vice City?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023 11:34 am
Is GTA 6 In Vice City?

We all have a common question: is GTA 6 in Vice City? 

There have been rumors and major predictions since GTA 6 leaks were released from a seemingly upset hacker towards Rockstar Games.

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Due to the leaks this hacker produced, we have seen how beautiful the game will be, which has excited many of us for the new upcoming extension of Grand Theft Auto.

Let’s look at everything we know about Vice City and GTA 6.

Is GTA 6 in Vice City?

GTA 6 in Vice City Screenshot of Metro

Yes, it appears that GTA 6 will likely be taking place in Vice City. Although some say this is speculation, in leak videos, there were clear signs of the metro station with the location of “Vice City.” Rockstar Games has also confirmed that the leaks of the game were real and, in fact, part of the GTA 6 gameplay. 

Although Rockstar officially told nothing, these speculations by fans are getting more and more expanded due to the map leaks. There were rumors in 2021 also that GTA 6 would be returned to Vice City, taking place in a modern version of Miami, Florida.

Miami residents can get excited, as there were also leaks of the map being implemented in the Miami city and layout. In total, nine posted photos were displayed in a Reddit post showing what seems to be the famous Malibu Club will return.

Although some of the photos were deleted, it’s evident that Rockstar is trying to hide these leaks because they are accurate. The question is, will Rockstar decide to show us more of the GTA 6 expectations to show the truth? Even if it is a logo, history tells us that we’re going to get a lot of information soon or nothing for the next two years.

More GTA 6 Locations and Leaks

Along with the metro station being leaked, there were also leaks of the story, map, and possibly a new female protagonist in the new GTA story. Many say the female character is a fast response from Rockstar after being blamed and criticized for being sexist in their GTA production.

From the strip clubs, to random strangers from the street you can pick up and take home; the game seemed focused on making females a minority. There were leaked images of this potential female protagonist in similar parts of the Vice City map being portrayed in the pictures, giving Miami speculations more and more weight. 

Ironically, a few years back, a Liberty City scene was shown in Rockstars developer’s profile, as this was claimed to be merely a test. However, Rockstar mentioned that they dream of adding every GTA map into one giant location. The willingness, at least, is there whether or not they have the power to do so yet.

GTA 6 In Vice City FAQs

Is GTA 6 Set In Vice City?

All signs point to yes. The recent leak of major internal files seems to indicate that the new game will be taking place in the famous Vice City.

We haven’t had any official confirmation from Rockstar on the matter just yet though.

Will GTA 6 feature all cities from the franchise?

Right now, we have nothing to indicate that this will be the case. As far back as 2012, Rockstar was claiming they wanted to include all of the IPs famous cities in a single game. Whether or not now is the time is something we’ll have to wait to see.

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