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How To Play The Bruiser Class In MultiVersus

Here is how you can get better at the bruiser class!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022 6:41 pm
How To Play The Bruiser Class In MultiVersus

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In this guide we’ll show you tips and tricks on how to play the bruiser class in MultiVersus.

Multiversus Bruisers

This class is home to a lot of characters in the game – including Shaggy, Batman, Taz, Jake The Dog and LeBron James currently!

Unlike tanks or supports, their role is not entirely clear – so this guide can show where bruisers best fit currently in MultiVersus.

How to play bruiser in MultiVersus

These tips can definitely help you become more effective as a brusier:

Understanding your character

This first tip is very obvious however are confusing for bruisers as many people may be confused how exactly they fit.

Bruisers are a class between tanks and a assassin. The best role for this class is to be upfront as much as possible.

You can’t however, take fights that are random and are ‘spammy-like’.

To pick random fights won’t get the full potential from the character, this is where you need to understand them better.

Each bruiser have moves that work similar to other classes so it’s important to understand how moves work and how you can use them in different situations.

Synergising with teammates

You can select bruisers based on what composition you have or to simplify it, what your teammate picks for a character.

If your teammate picks an assassin like Harley Quinn or Arya, you can pick a bruiser like Shaggy or Batman.

The smoke bomb would be highly effective with an assassin who need to buy time and be invulnerable whilst inputting damage.

Knowing how you best synergise with other characters influences how you approach the game around your kit.

Focus on combos / move set

A crucial one for Bruisers, the primary role of this character is to take fighters – so learning combo can give you the upper hand.

Normal attacks for bruisers naturally follow up with combos in however you want them to be, so be creative!

Another tip is learning how to dodge, whilst you be in fights – to be able to dodge effectively will exploit enemies a lot harsher.

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Not only learning how to dodge but their attacking tendencies is important to get the one up on your enemies.

Alongside dodging, knowing how to be in and out of fights is crucial. Constantly staying in the pocket of a fight will exploit you easier to other characters.

Use ‘The Lab’

Practice, practice, practice.

A general tip for other characters but hitting the lab is one of the effective ways to understand your kit and how you can be creative in game.

You’re allowed to try out all the characters whether unlocked or not so it’s handy to try out other bruisers and if you enjoy their kit over others.

While these are recommendations, enjoy how you play the bruiser class the most.

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These recommendations only suggest other tips to enhance your experience however the only way you can do that is if you play the game!

I hope this guide has helped you on how to play the bruiser class in MultiVersus, but even more effectively!

MultiVersus has been out on open beta since July 26, 2022 – enjoy!

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