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How to unlock the Crossguard lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor

Updated: Apr 28, 2023 3:40 pm
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Star Wars: Jedi Survivor features plenty of lightsabers to choose from. However, one of the most iconic resembles the one wielded by character Kylo Ren. While Ren was neither Jedi or Sith, he used a lightsaber with skill and strength and the Crossguard lightsaber certainly mirrors his combat style of heavy and powerful attacks.

If you’re looking to pickup the unique weapon, here’s where you can find it.

Where do you find the Crossguard Lightsaber?

As one five total stances in the game, the Crossguard stance can be unlocked by doing some extra steps. Instead of earning it by completing main story quests, you’ll need to head to the Shattered Moon during the Research Tanaloor section of the game. However, this area is only available after you complete the Jedha plotline.

Once you begin the quest that has you researching Shattered Fabricators, you’re on the right path. You should know right away as the quest is straightforward and rather short, so you won’t be taken all over the galaxy.

You will enter a simple circle room and see a fabricator sitting on a table. Grabbing the item will initiate a boss fight with Drya Thornne, who is using a Crossguard lightsaber. Squish them like a bug and you’ll be able to pick up their lightsaber.

How do you use the Crossguard lightsaber?

Once you defeat them, a cutscene will play showing Cal using the new stance. You’ll also earn a Meditation Point and a tutorial of how to effectively use the weapon. It’s important to note that the Crossguard stance is the slowest of all stances in Jedi: Survivor. Cal’s attacks will be slower but ultimately hit harder. For those familiar with Kylo Ren’s stance from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, he uses a similar fighting style. He’s more precise but aggressive and sluggish with his swings.

Even the Force attacks are slowed down when compared to other stances. All this means is you’ll do more damage to enemies and can defeat them more quickly by reducing their health faster.

This also opens Cal up to more attacks when he’s winding up for a hit. You’ll need to time your attacks to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed or beat down while preparing an attack. Slow down your overall pacing when using the lightsaber to get a better feel for it and master the technique.

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