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Is Phantom Blade 0 on PS4?

Updated: May 25, 2023 2:42 pm
Phantom Blade Zero Porcelain Woman

Phantom Blade 0 is one of the many games that was announced during the PlayStation Showcase. This next soulslike game is very reminiscent of other games in the genre like Sekiro and Nioh. This action RPG was announced with an official trailer that gives some basic information about the game.

With there being so many PS5 and Xbox Series X/S exclusive games coming out in recent months, does this mean that Phantom Blade 0 will be a PS5 exclusive? Is Phantom Blade 0 on PS4?

Will Phantom Blade 0 be on PS4?

If you want the quick answer to the quest, it is no. It doesn’t look like Phantom Blade 0 will be on the PS4 when it releases. The trailer that was revealed for the game shared that it will be coming to the PlayStation 5. For now, this seems to be the only console that the game will be on.

Phantom Blade 0 does not have an official release date but information about the story has been released. The game will be a semi-open world action RPG. Throughout the game, you will play as Soul, an elite assassin working for a powerful organization.

You are saved by a mystic healer and told you have 66 days to live thanks to a makeshift cure. Soul is then framed for the murder of The Order’s patriarch.

The game will feature many powerful foes and you will need to use your martial arts skills to take them down. The game will also feature large maps and fast traversal similar to samurai game franchises.

While it would be great to play a game such as this on the last-gen consoles, the graphical demand is probably too great for them. If Phantom Blade 0 comes to more systems, it will most likely be placed on Xbox Series X/S and PC as well as the PS5. Check out the PlayStation Blog for more information about the game.

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