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Jedi Survivor How to Get A Poncho

Updated: Apr 27, 2023 10:07 pm
Jedi Survivor How to Get A Poncho

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While Cal might have grown a bit between games, he is still the same old guy deep down. Nothing shows this more than the ability to dawn the familiar poncho that he wore throughout Fallen Order. While it might not be the exact same colored poncho it is still the same design and shows a bit of wear and tear after all the years.

While you may have plenty of different customization options in Jedi Survivor, many fans are going to want to acquire the old reliable rain blocker to relieve the glory of the original game. However, it is easier said than done. You will need to find a secret boss fight to earn back your poncho in Jedi Survivor, Here is a full walkthrough on how to get it.

How To Get The Poncho In Jedi Survivor

The ability to make Cal look how he did back in Fallen Order is a nice nod to the franchise and is a lot nicer than the massive file size you have to deal with. While some might expect this to be a new game plus reward, the poncho is actually hidden behind a secret boss fight similar to the opening area of Fallen Order.

To find the start of this fight, you will need to go to Fort Kah’Lin on Koboh and clear it out of all the resident droids and raiders. Then you will want to hit the meditation point for the fort in order to have a nice respawn point close to the boss.

The boss fight we are looking for is also a nod to Fallen Order as it is the “Spawn of Oggdo” that we will be fighting this time around. Many will remember the original Oggdo as the optional boss fight in the first area you could explore in Fallen Order. This time around he is back for revenge and guarding your treasured poncho.

Where to find Oggdo Bogdo

Once again, Oggdo Bogdo is a bit off the normal path you would take through the level as it is an optional fight. To find him you will first want to teleport to the Meditation Point in Fort Kah’Lin. From there, go forward and climb up to the high ground.

You should find yourself in a square area with enemies hiding around each corner to fight. Make your way through this area until you reach the final turn, behind you should be a locked door you can open as a shortcut for the future.

Once you are ready, you will come out to a walkway with a bunch of droids on the other side. Kill a few of the droids with saber throws before stepping to the middle of the platform they are on. Once you step into the middle of the platform, it will crumble and drop you right into the boss fight with Oggdo.

How To Defeat The Spawn Of Oggdo

As soon as you fall into the arena, the fight is on and it will be anything but easy. Much like the original Oggdo Bogdo fight, the Spawn of Oggdo hits quite hard. Dodging most of the attacks will be your best move as getting hit by a single attack can almost kill Cal and easily stagger him.

Jump and dash around the room while getting your own swings in after a successful dodge to slowly whittle him down. Be careful as when the Spawn of Oggdo hits half-health his attack pattern changes a bit. The regular bite attack goes from two hits to four so you need to block for a bit longer until you can hit back.

Once you manage to land the final blow on the Spawn of Oggdo, you can interact with the chest in the back of the room to claim back your pink poncho and get a nice image of a younger Cal wearing it. While getting a throwback Lightsaber hilt would be nice too, the poncho is good enough.

Doma’s Secret Challenge

This easter egg doesn’t end here though, as now you can go back to Doma’s shop and get a new fight. Interact with the creature next to Doma and a new force tear will open next to it. Going into this tear will bring you to your toughest challenge yet.

You will have to fight both the original Oggdo as well as the Spawn of Oggdo at the same time. This won’t be something you can clear easily and you will most likely need to come back to this challenge after you acquire some more skills and your dual sabers if you have not already got them.

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