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Did you know the Lost Ark Cerberus mount can double jump?

Very old demon dogs can learn new tricks.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022 2:07 pm
Did you know the Lost Ark Cerberus mount can double jump?

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Lost Ark has arrived, and many players are getting their platinum pack and redeeming their exclusive rewards. Those who got themselves one of the Platinum Founder Packs have earned themselves the Lost Ark Cerberus mount, which they can use once they unlock their mount. And while it is a cool looking mount, did you know the Lost Ark Cerberus mount can double jump?

Lost Ark Cerberus Mount

Every mount in the game has a space bar skill, allowing it to jump forward and gain more speed than it normally can. However, it turns out the Lost Ark Cerberus mount can do that twice before going on cooldown. If you press the space bar twice when the mount’s jump skill is in cooldown, it will pounce forward twice. The game doesn’t exactly tell you that when you first get on it, as we discovered it by accident.

In addition, the Lost Ark Cerberus mount has also a few cool special effects. The mount can have its tail and claws grow red with a hellish glow. In addition, it can sense the souls of the dead around it in an interesting channel skill. They don’t exactly do anything special, but it’s nice that mounts in the game have different themes, especially the rarer of themed mounts.

I won’t lie, I did kinda feel a little bad that I was double-jumping over people on the regular questing horse, not realising they could double jump. But it is in the past.

If you fancy getting your hand on the Lost Ark Cerberus mount, then you need to buy the Lost Ark Founders pack while they are still on sale. The founder’s packs leave the Steam and Amazon store when the game officially launched on February 11, at the same time that the early access servers went live. How’s that for FOMO (fear of missing out)?

If you happen to get one, remember you can only choose one of the seven color variations per Platinum Pack you get. Choose which color you want the most, and not pop an Asmongold who didn’t read the box.

Feature image via Amazon Games / Smilegate.

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