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Lost Ark Stone of Chaos Guide

What are Stones of Chaos? Where can you get them? What can you do with them? - We have it covered.

Updated: May 23, 2022 5:46 pm
Lost Ark Stone of Chaos Guide

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There is plenty of new content to crack on with in Lost Ark since the May update. You may have noticed a new Legion Raid vendor crafting relic level gear in all of the major cities. One new crafting material you will need to get your hands on this relic gear is the Stone of Chaos. Here is everything you need to know about Lost Ark’s Stone of Chaos.

What are Stones of Chaos and what are they used for?

Lost Ark has an insane amount of crafting and upgrading materials in the game. One of these materials is the Stone of Chaos. Although you can obtain Stones of Chaos earlier, they can only be used after you have reached item level 1445 in order to craft and upgrade relic level gear. Stones of Chaos are used alongside other relic level crafting materials such as Demonic Beast’s Bones from the Valtan Legion Raid and Covetous Wings from the, as yet unreleased, Vykas Legion Raid to craft the relic level gear.

Where can you get Stones of Chaos?

At the time of writing, there are three possible ways to get your hands on Stones of Chaos. The first of these is by defeating the Thunderwings world boss in South Vern, who has a chance of dropping one. The next is to complete the Valtan Legion Raid where you also have a chance of obtaining one. The third and final option at the moment, and by far the easiest (but most expensive), is to purchase Stones of Chaos directly from a vendor. You can find a Legion Raid Exchange vendor in every major city including Vern Castle and Nia Village. Legion Raid Exchange vendors sell Stones of Chaos for between 500 and 900 gold for the first ten stones. After that, you can continue to buy Stones of Chaos from this vendor for 1000 gold each.

We also know from the Stone of Chaos’ in-game tooltip that they will be available to obtain from Legion Raid Vykas when they release. We assume this will be the same for Brelshaza and Kakal-Saydon when they are subsequently released as well.

That concludes this guide on Lost Ark’s Stone of Chaos. We hope you found it helpful! Why not check out some of our other awesome content and guides over at the Lost Ark Hub? We also have a guide on the other new currency, Fused Leapstones.

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