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Madden 23: How to bull rush

Updated: Aug 22, 2022 6:45 pm
Madden NFL 23 George Kittle

Following three helpful tips on offense, we’re going to shift our attention to defensive tips in Madden 23 and go over a helpful move when using a player on your defensive line.

Despite each gamer having their own preferences regarding who they play with and where on defense, using top talent on your defensive line in Madden 23 can be a lot of fun, considering how disruptive you can be against the pass or rush.

In Madden 23, there’s a few moves and options one can rely on when using a defensive end or defensive tackle. That said, one of the best defensive options to resort to when up on the defensive line, is none other than the bulldozing ‘Bull Rush’ move.

However, the key part about having success with the bull rush, does come down to the strength, power move, and block shedding ratings each defensive lineman brings. For example, players like Aaron Donald, Myles Garrett, and Vita Vea are three of the best to use because their ratings for all three of these skills are 90+.

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With that said, here’s how to perform the bull rush move in Madden 23.

How to Bull Rush in Madden 23

PlayStation: Hold Right Stick Downward

Xbox: Hold Right Stick Downward

PC: Hold S

Additional Info: Upon executing your bull rush, it’s vital that you time it properly with the snap to make it most effective. If you don’t, your defensive lineman will not execute it punctually and the quarterback could be granted more time in the pocket to make a play as a result.

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