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Madden 23: Preseason TOTW Revealed

Updated: Sep 6, 2022 6:50 pm
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The NFL season is set to officially start this Thursday as the defending Super Bowl Champions in the Los Angeles Rams take on the Buffalo Bills at 8:20PM ET. In anticipation of this exciting clash to kickoff the 2022-23 NFL season, Madden 23 announced its first Team Of The Week for Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).

For the Preseason TOTW, MUT introduced 15 new players that fans can add to their MUT collections. Madden 23 will be making a handful of important announcements this week and this could arguably be its biggest.

In case you missed the live stream, here’s all you need to know about the first TOTW release in Madden 23.

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Limited Edition (90 Overall)

Last night, MUT did release its first Preseason TOTW and LTD player, which turned out to be San Francisco 49ers CB Samuel Womack.

If you’re looking for a man coverage specialist, Womack is the player you want. His 90 man coverage rating combined with his 89 agility, 88 speed, and 86 jumping make him quite the menace to have in your defensive secondary.

Preseason TOTW

Champions (90 Overalls)
  1. KaVontae Turpin – WR (Dallas Cowboys)
  2. T.Y. McGill – DT (Minnesotta Vikings)
Heroes (87 Overalls)
  1. Brittain Brown – HB (Las Vegas Raiders)
  2. Lance McCutcheon – WR (Los Angeles Rams)
  3. Alex Bachman – WR (New York Giants)*
  4. Lawrence Cager – TE (New York Jets)
  5. Martin Emerson – CB (Cleveland Browns)
  6. Clay Johnston – LOLB (Cincinnati Bengals)
Elites (83 Overalls)
  1. Skylar Thompson – QB (Miami Dolphins)
  2. Deejay Dallas – HB (Seattle Seahawks)
  3. Michael Bandy – WR (Los Angeles Chargers)
  4. Derek Rivers – RE (Houston Texans)
  5. Trevon Coley – DT (Chicago Bears)
  6. Justin Reid – K (Kansas City Chiefs)**


  • * – Indicates a player who is no longer with that team.
  • ** – This player is actually a safety but is a kicker for this series due to impressively making a field goal over preseason.

What is TOTW?

Team Of The Week is a Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) program that grants fans a fresh new selection of top tier players to unlock that performed well in the previous game week in the NFL. There’s a new TOTW player drop following every game week.

When will the next TOTW be released?

Based on previous occurrences for Madden 23 and Madden 22, Team Of The Week players are usually released every Tuesday. So the next TOTW announcement will likely take place on Tuesday, September 13th.

Where can I catch the TOTW live stream?

The TOTW live stream is brought to you by ‘Good Morning Madden’ which is aired on the Madden 23 Twitch channel. Here’s the link to their channel: https://www.twitch.tv/eamaddennfl

What does the TOTW program include?

Team Of The Week programs have three groups of players they release per week. There are the Elites (83 Overalls), the Heroes (87 Overalls), and the Champions (90 Overalls). This week, MUT dropped 15 new players.

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