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Modern Warfare 2 Best FSS Hurricane Loadout

Best FSS Hurricane Build for Modern Warfare 2

Updated: Nov 4, 2022 11:24 am
Modern Warfare 2 Best FSS Hurricane Loadout

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Our Modern Warfare 2 Best FSS Hurricane Loadout guide will help you master one of the best new additions to the game.

This weapon might lack stopping power but makes up for it with high ammo counts and accuracy. If you want to make the most out of the Hurricane, we can help.

Check out our Modern Warfare 2 Best FSS Hurricane Loadout below.

Modern Warfare 2 Best FSS Hurricane Loadout

Modern Warfare 2 Best FSS Hurricane Loadout

This SMG might not pack a big punch but its accuracy, generous magazine size, and flexibility across a number of battlefield situations make it an ideal choice.

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But what attachments should you run? Good question. We’ve been spending a ton of time with this gun since the multiplayer launched so you can take our word for it: this is the setup you’ll want to run to significantly impact your K/D.

Equip the following attachments:

  • the FSS Cannonade 16″ barrel
  • the XTEN Razor compensator
  • 5.7X28mm Hollow Points
  • the Demo Quicksilver Stock
  • the XTEN Grip

Put it all together; it should look like the picture featured above.

Best Strategy with the FSS Hurricane in Modern Warfare 2

While it lacks power, this SMG has a great rate of fire, accuracy, and ammo capacity. You’ll be able to engage multiple targets and likely have rounds to spare, thanks to this weapon’s 50-round magazine.

The recommended attachments will give you aim-down-sight speed, stability, and range. The default iron sights are clear enough to make equipping an optic unnecessary; you’ll do great at close-to-medium-range.

Which weapon you bring to the fight largely depends on what map you’re playing. For tight, claustrophobic maps, the FSS Hurricane is an excellent choice, allowing you to cut through opponents, clear rooms, and walk away from one-on-one encounters as the last man standing.

What Other FSS Hurricane Attachments are Good?

hurricane 2 1

The golden rule of COD is that whatever attachments you ultimately run are up to you. Go with whatever suits your playstyle. Experiment.

Our recommendations are based purely on our gameplay, but a good rule of thumb is: if you can at least keep your K/D above 1 for the match.

Play a few matches and be honest about your performance – it doesn’t just come down to your trigger finger but your spatial awareness and familiarity with the maps.

If you want an alternative setup, try throwing on the FSS-X7 Barrel, which has an internal silencer. This will keep you off the enemy radar and allow you to get the drop on unsuspecting enemies.

Modern Warfare 2 Best FSS Hurricane Loadout FAQs

Is the FSS Hurricane the Best SMG in Modern Warfare 2

It’s close in our book but the Lachmann Sub is the current king of COD submacine guns.

Is the FSS Hurricane a real gun?

Yes, it is in fact a real gun. The FSS Hurricane is based off of the AR57 which can be adapted to accept a P90 magazine.

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