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Modern Warfare 2 PC Stuttering Issues and How to Fix

If you're suffering from stuttering in MW2, then you're not alone.

Updated: Nov 1, 2022 4:45 pm
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No launch can be without fault, and that goes for Call of Duty launches too. Some players have reported stuttering issues while playing Modern Warfare 2 on PC.

Many of the reports indicate that the game stutters and glitches out with specific graphics settings and hardware, but luckily, there is a simple way around this problem.

Read on to discover the solution that you’ve been looking for.

How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 PC Stuttering Issues

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If you’ve noticed stuttering issues in-game, then you might have a problem with your graphics cards. Many users reporting this issue have stated that they use Nvidia GPUs and recently updated to the latest graphics drivers.

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Apparently, the quickest and easiest way to fix this issue is to rollback your GPU drivers to the last stable update. You can follow the instructions below to rollback your drivers.

Rollback Your Nvidia Drivers

  • Click Start, search for ‘Device Manager,’ and open it.
  • In the device manager, go to ‘Display Adapters,’ and right-click your main GPU.
  • Select ‘Properties’ from the down-down menu.
  • Under the ‘Driver’ tab, select ‘Roll Back Driver.’

If the Roll Back Driver option doesn’t appear, then there’s a good chance that you’ve not installed a new GPU driver recently, and your issue is possibly related to something else.

Other Causes and Fixes

If you rollback your drivers and the issue isn’t resolved, there are a few other causes that could be behind your issues.

It seems that users are still reporting issues as recently as Halloween, with some calling the game unplayable in its current state.

Check your graphics settings and make sure that you’re not overloading your GPU. There’s a chance that putting too much strain on your graphics card is what is causing your stuttering issues. Check out our guide on the best graphics settings if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

It’s also vital that you keep an eye out for updates, both from Nvidia and from Activision. At the moment, it’s not clear where the issue is coming from, the drivers or the game, so one or both of these companies will likely put out a more permanent fix shortly.

Modern Warfare 2 PC Stuttering Issues FAQs

How do I stop Modern Warfare 2 from crashing?

Make sure you’re running the game in a semi-low graphics mode. The game is a little unstable right now, so even if you have the power for it, you’re better of running it on lower settings.

Why is my modern warfare so laggy on PC?

If you’re experiencing lag in MW2, your best bet is to turn your graphics settings down a few notches.

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