New World Healer Builds – The Best New World Healing Builds

Here are two interesting New World Healer Builds for you

New World Life Staff New World Healer Build

Amazon Games are trying to make a wholly new MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), with the evolving player-controlled map and survival game design. However, one thing Amazon is not pivoting from is group roles. The core RPG concept of tank, healer, and DPS remains an important group composition for the game’s Expeditions and group PvP. It means that healers are once again one of the most in-demand roles. However, due to New World having no classes, working out a healer build can be slightly tricky. Luckily for you, we have two New World healer builds we like to call the shaman and the cleric.

Please note these builds presume two things: the first is you’ll want to add your own flavor for the content you like completing. The second thing they presume is your character is already at max weapon rank.

It also goes without saying both of these healing builds use food buffs that grant mana restoration and mana potions. It is not so much necessary in the early game but will come in very handy when you get to max level and do end game content.

New World Healer Build – Cleric

New World Cleric Healer Build
Here is a tank and a healer fighting a boss. Image via Amazon Games.

The cleric is a frontline heavy armoured support capable of surviving at the frontline while offering boosts to armor, healing and some damage. The core concept of the build focuses more on PvP, through its mixture of damage and Fortify buffs, however, it does work for coordinated PvE groups like Expeditions or Corrupted events.

The role of a cleric supports the melee characters ideally in coordinated PvP. Because of the healing and frontline positioning, the build works best with Heavy armor. The idea is to have plenty of heavy armor to absorb damage, along with Fortify buffs from your spells further improving damage mitigation.

Therefore, you’ll want to spec your Life Staff into the Protector Tree. The core skills are Orb of Protection and Light’s Embrace. You’ll also want a dedicated healing spell, such as Splash of Light in the Healing specialization, as your build primarily does damage reduction buffs with minor healing. Moreso these skills’ passives are important for further improving their potency. Finally, the Magnify passive is the ultimate you want for the cleric, as it increases the Fortify buff’s duration. Extending the Fortify buff is important because it increases your healing potency through the Light’s Embrace and Protector’s Strength talents.

We highly recommend taking the Glowing Focus, Spirits United, Protector’s Strength, and Protector’s Touch passives. These skills combine to grant stronger Fortify buffs, extended Fortify duration, and buff your healing output. If you’re like us, you’ll find that you may have a spare skill point to spend, which can grant you an optional Healer specialization passive. If you want some personalization in your New World healer builds, then the Cleric might be the role for you.

As for your second weapon slot, you’ll want a Shield and Sword. This is necessary for PvP, as you’ll be at the frontline. When enemies notice you are healing in the frontline, chances are you’ll get picked on. The Sword and Shield allow you to skill into Shield Bash, which stuns a target, while Shield Rush offers a rush out or into combat. If that isn’t enough to keep you alive, you have Final Stand, which reduces all incoming damage by 30% for eight seconds. It could be the deal-breaker between your melee party losing their healer in clutch fights.

If you want to follow the cleric’s skill build point for point, follow this link to the New World custom skill calculator.

New World Healer Build – Shaman

New World Ice Gauntlet

The shaman is a healing build that requires ice magic to control the battlefield. The concept of the build has the wielder using Medium armor, adding some more damage and extending the CC duration of your spells by 10%. This is good news, as the shaman build requires using the Ice Gauntlet’s slows to make life harder for your enemies in PvE and PvP. The build also comes with Entomb, which increases mana generation when you need more mana in PvE, and a defensive cooldown when you need immunity in PvP.

The Ice Gauntlet’s passives are very important too. Quite a few of the passives increase damage to enemies, meaning you can do some strong damage while playing solo or in group content. This also applies to PvP, as more pressure is always welcome. The other added benefit of the Ice Gauntlet is bonus mana regeneration passives, as mana is your primary resource for your Life Staff.

Speaking of the Life Staff, you’ll want to use all three skills in the Healing spec. The reason why is because you are all about party healing, ensuring your teammates survive any encounter. The skills also add bonus healing on lower HP allies, with added party-wide healing in some scenarios. The combination of both weapons and the range on the Life Staff’s single target and party healing makes it a great healer at range. Because of this, we think this is by far the best healing build available for mana out put and CC and will likely work the best in most content.

If you want to follow the shaman’s skill build point for point, click the link provided.

New World Healer Levelling

If you are looking to play a healer while you level through Aeternum, fear not, as you can use either of these builds to level in the open world. We recommend going down the Swordmaster spec while you are levelling your sword and shield as that does competent DPS for single and multiple target damage. If you are opting for the ranged shaman playstyle, the Ice Pylon and ranged auto attacks are sufficient enough to kill enemies with ease.

Also, you don’t need to worry too much about being a dedicated healer in the early game. New World offers flexibility in your healing build while you get to grips with the game. If it comes to needing dedicated healing skills, you can respec your Life Staff for free. Although, we do recommend getting your Life Staff to rank eight by level 25, as that is when you can reliably heal the Amrine Expedition. Rank eight means you can get at least 7 skill points, allowing you to invest in two fully upgraded skills. Having two very strong skills is more than enough to ensure your party stays alive while levelling.


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