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New World Void Gauntlet Healer build: Inspired by the bard archetype

Here is the best New World Void Gauntlet build for a healer playstyle.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:16 pm
New World Void Gauntlet Healer build: Inspired by the bard archetype

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The Void Gauntlet is the first post-launch weapon in New World’s now expanding arsenal of weapons. The new weapon launched with the recent 1.1 update, adding in several new types of missions and content for players to get involved with. However, the game’s biggest feature is the Void Gauntlet, filled with new skills and passives to use. 

With the weapon now in the game, fitted with intellect and mainly Focus scalings, the weapon seems to favour a support healer hybrid playstyle. However, there are plenty of healer builds, focusing on full healer and mana support, healer CC support, or duelling builds. The question is, where does this leave the Void Gauntlet in the landscape. The answer we look towards takes inspiration from other RPGs, and that is a bard like playstyle.  We go through the best New World Void Gauntlet healer build using a bard archetype as its inspiration.

New World Void Gauntlet Build

New World Void Gauntlet Build
Here is the tree that you want for your Void Gauntlet healer build.

The focus of the Void Gauntlet build here is to create a support playstyle. You’re not going full healer, although healing plays a big part in the build. The other core of the build is you’ll do damage while providing considerable support buffs to your allies. Think of it as a bard in other MMORPG, such as Lost Ark or FFXIV. Alternatively, consider it a Discipline Priest from World of Warcraft, as the is the vice we are going for.

The New World Void Gauntlet Healer build requires the following skills and talents:

  • Oblivion – fully upgraded
  • Orb of Decay – fully upgraded
  • Essence Rupture – fully upgraded
  • Voidcaller ultimate passive

The idea behind the build is to take the Oblivion skill and all its upgrades to apply Weaken to enemy targets while giving your allies better stamina for those allies standing in the zone. It allows you to make your allies stronger, gain energy advantages, perform better heavy attacks, and roll for whatever they need to do. Meanwhile, you want Orb of Decay for that mixture of damage dealing and healing as the orb travels back and forth. Lastly, you want Essence Rupture, which helps create a skill target that does passive healing for both PvE and PvP.

As for the ultimate passive, you want Voidcaller. The reality is you’re not going to be keeping your Void Gauntlet our all the time with this build. The idea is when a fight kicks off, you want to throw your Essence Rupture on the kill priority target, throw your Oblivion on the ground when you know the spot it’s all kicking off at, and then Orb of Decay on a cluster of enemies and allies. After that, it is back to the Life Staff for your healing. If you do happen to need to keep your skills out, then you’ll want the Void Caller passive to proc so you can get the Focus scaling heal from the ultimate passive.

As for the passives, you’ll want Keen Confidence, Refreshing Precision, Efficient Harvest, Leeching Agony, Keen Humility, Fervent Thirst, Refreshing Harvest and Radiant Efficiency. These passives tend to have critical strike buffs, mana cost reduction, the option for cheaper Harvest Essence interactions, and cooldown reset for situations when you need your ultimate passive.

Life Staff

It is important to mention that the Life Staff remains the default healing weapon in the game. The Life Staff’s weapon calculations have much more healing than weapon damage conversion so that it will be your go-to weapon for direct, party, and area healing. As for the skills you want, you’ll still want to use the typical healing spells like the full Protector tree if you like the Light’s Embrace major buff build. Alternatively, you can do a mixture of Protector and the party and single target healing from Splash of Light and Divine Embrace. We recommend checking out the Life Staff guide if you’re new to healing in New World. If you’re a veteran of New World healing, keep on using your Life Staff the way you already are.

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