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Fans create New World mods that modify the game’s look

New World Mods appear on Nexusmods that alter the game's visuals to a slight degree.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:33 pm
Fans create New World mods that modify the game’s look

It appears that some fans of New World are starting to upload graphics mods that slightly tweak the appearance of New World. The quantity of the mods are very limited, but they tweak the mood and color of the game slightly, offering a more personal experience. These New World mods make the game slightly more colorful, while others have made the game feel like a cold Fall Sunday morning through slight shadow changes and a greyer aesthetic.

New World mods

As it stands, the New World Mods are entirely graphical. They do not change the way the game’s UI looks, nor do they grant any modification to textures or other files. What they instead do is alter how the game appears on your monitor. They tap into how New World’s color palette and shaders render graphics to a small yet noticeable degree. Moreso, these mods don’t appear to affect your game’s framerate. So, if you have low FPS in New World already, you shouldn’t need to worry about them.

For example, one of the mods enhances the colour palette, creating a more vibrant appearance for Aeternum. On the other hand, one player has made the game slightly greyer, adding a more grim feeling. You can find these mods over at Nexusmods.

All the mods do is add that personal touch. From a quick glance, they are almost doing what you can already do using tools like NVIDIA control panel, or your gaming monitors gaming modes and montitor’s custom settings.

However, these graphical New World mods sit in an awkward grey area in the New World ToS. It appears that Amazon Games are not a big fan of using mods. They categorize mods as a way that can create an unfair advantage, along with exploits, hacks, and other third party content. See section three for an example of the donts in New World.

Since the graphics mods only alter what the game visually looks like to a degree, these mods seem relatively harmless. Of course, Amazon Games could make the argument that you have an unfair advantage because your game looks different. But, that is hard to police, since everyone has different eyes, visual settings, and monitor settings anyway.

If you’re interested in downloading them, do so at your own risk. We have reached out to the PR team behind New World to see if we can get clarity on how acceptable these mods are.

New World Combat Mods

While you’re here, we figured it is worth mentioning that it will be very unlikely we will come across any gameplay mods for New World. Since these mods will affect gameplay, inform gameplay decisions based on third party tools, they are more than likely against the ToS. If you are looking for that sort of content, we advise staying away from it entirely if they do happen to appear.

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