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How to check your Friendship level in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Speak with Belamy to find out just what your Pokémon thinks of you

Updated: Feb 7, 2022 2:17 pm
Friendship Levels Pokémon Legends Arceus

In order to evolve some Pokémon in Legends Arceus, you’ll need to reach a specific Friendship level with them. Rather than simply waiting until you get a “can evolve” notification, you can see how close you are by talking to a specific NPC.

How to check your Pokémon Legends Arceus friendship level

It’s pretty simple to check your friendship level in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, as long as you know where to go – and you’ve completed one specific Request. Just like in previous Pokémon games, a certain NPC will be able to judge how much your Pokémon like you.

Check Pokémon friendship level belamy legends arceus

The NPC in question in Pokémon Legends Arceus is Belamy, a young man located by the Pastures in Jubilife Village. Once you have completed his Request, Measuring Your Compatibility, you will be able to return to him whenever you like to determine your Pokémon’s fondness towards you. Simply speak to Belamy, select the Pokémon you wish to find out about – from either your party or pastures – and he will let you know whether there is still work to be done on your friendship. As with previous Pokémon games, certain Pokémon will need to be at the highest friendship level in order to evolve.

Level 0“[They] seem a bit leery of you yet. New to the team, perhaps?”
Level 1“I suppose [they’ve] become a bit friendly toward you, but you’ve got a ways to go…”
Level 2“[They] seem to get on well with you. But I’m sure it could get on better!”
Level 3“You seem to be fast friends. You must be quite good companions!”
Level 4“What an excellent pair of friends you make. You must mean a lot to each other!”
Level 5“You are as friendly as can be! You must simply adore each other’s company!”

Which Pokémon evolve with friendship?

There are 13 Pokémon that need to be at the highest Friendship level in order to be able to evolve. They are:

  • Budew – Roselia
  • Buneary – Lopunny
  • Chansey – Blissey
  • Chingling – Chimecho
  • Cleffa – Clefable
  • Eevee – Espeon
  • Eevee – Umbreon
  • Eevee – Sylveon
  • Munchlax – Snorlax
  • Pichu – Pikachu
  • Riolu – Lucario
  • Togepi – Togetic
  • Zubat – Golbat
Evolve Munchlax Pokémon Legends Arceus friendship level

These Pokémon will need to be at least Level 3 in Friendship in order to evolve. You’ll know you have reached the right level by speaking to Belamy and getting the response, “You seem to be fast friends, you must be quite good companions!” If you find that the Pokémon still isn’t ready to evolve, you might need to level up slightly more. According to Serebii.net, this Friendship Level has a numeric value of 150-199, while Pokémon apparently need to a friendship value of 160 for evolution, so – as long as you have this response from Belamy – you won’t be far off.

Pokémon Legends Arceus Requests guide – 28

Pokémon Legends Arceus Request guide 28 Measuring your compatibility

To be able to check your friendship levels with Pokémon, you’ll need to complete the Measuring Your Compatibility Request which can be triggered by speaking with Belamy for the first time. Once you speak with him, he’ll tell you that you remind him of his grandmother, due to your closeness with Pokémon.

In order to prove to him that you can befriend Pokémon in the same way she did, and trigger Belamy’s friendship measuring ability, you’ll need to return to him with a Pokémon that you are sufficiently friendly with. We recommend just using your starter Pokémon if you’ve had it in your party the whole time, as it’s likely to be the Pokémon that has levelled up the fastest. If you please Belamy with your friendship, he’ll say, “Look how pleased it is to be travelling with you! You’ve a true friend here, I can tell!”

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