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Full list of all Pokémon Legends Arceus Requests

Updated: Feb 2, 2022 3:59 pm
All Requests in Pokémon Legends Arceus Guides

Requests are pretty much side-quests in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, that are received by talking to NPCs, or, in some cases, from the Galaxy Team Blackboard.

Whether you’ve speed run the whole game already and are looking for more things to do, or you’re taking your time to complete everything as you go, you’ve probably found yourself on this page because you’re looking for a new, fruitful challenge, or you have a Request in mind that you’d like some help with. Well, the list below will tell you where you can locate Requests, what Rewards you can expect for completing them, and you can follow the links through to our comprehensive guides on individual Requests. Happy side-questing, completionists!

All Requests in Pokémon Legends Arceus Guides

All Requests in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Request #Request NameGuideWho provides this Request?Request Rewards
1Wurmple Can EvolveBeauregard, in Jubilife Village3 Dazzling Honey
2Adorable StarlyMarli, in Jubilife Village10 Poké Balls
3What Did Shinx’s Ears Look Like?Toshi, in Jubilife Village 3 Potion
4Big Buizel, Little BuizelDorian, in Jubilife Village 5 Oran Berry
1 Exp Candy S
5What It Takes To Be AwesomeSho, in Jubilife Village 3 Grit Dust
6Mushroom Cake MarketingMorel, in the Obsidian FieldlandsMushroom Cake Recipe
7Playing With DrifloonMiki, via Laventon’s Chalkboard 1 Stardust
8Bothersome BidoofTsumugi, via Laventon’s Chalkboard 1 Rare Candy
9Zubat’s EyesClarissa, via Laventon’s Chalkboard 2 Aux Power
10Wurmple’s Evolved!Beauregard, in Jubilife Village1 Exp Candy S
11The Timbre Of The FieldsYeo, in the Obsidian Fieldlands3 Vivchoke
12A Perfect Pickling StoneRadisa, in the Obsidian Fieldlands3 Honey Cake
1 Exp Candy S
13Trees That Bear BerriesBjorn, via Laventon’s Chalkboard 15 Poké Balls
14Berry HelpfulAndra, in Jubilife Village3 Revive
15Balloon Race In The FieldlandsBalloon Race Guy, Obsidian Fieldlands1 Rare Candy
15 Feather Balls
16Strange Happenings At MidnightSanqua, in Jubilife Village7 Nanab Berries
17To Bloom Or Not To BloomKichi, in Jubilife Village5 Vivichoke
18Please! Make Me A Pokeshi DollAnvin, in Jubilife Village1 Pokeshi Doll
19A Peculiar PonytaGuideYota, via Laventon’s Chalkboard5 Razz Berries
20The Mysterious Will-o-the-WispGuidePaira, in Jubilife Village2 Exp Candy S
21Back-Alley Mr. MimeAndra, via Laventon’s Chalkboard2 Aux Guard
22Eerie Apparitions In The NightVessa, in Jubilife Village3 Twice-Spiced Radish
23Getting Ahold Of New WaresChoy, at the General Store
24Inspiration From HippopotasAnthe, at the Clothing Store
25The Pokémon In The Woodland PhotoDagero, at the Photography Studio
26Aim For The Big LeaguesTaggart, in Jubilife Village12 Great Balls
1 Nugget
27Help Wanted: Plowing The FieldsMiller, in Jubilife Village
28Measuring Your CompatibilityBelamy, in Jubilife Village1 Rare Candy
29The Search For Bitter LeavesGuideShinon, in Jubilife Village3 Fine Remedy
5 Hoppo Berries
30A Beautiful RoseBerra, in the Crimson Mirelands5 Grain Cakes
2 Exp Candy S
31Setting Up The Bogbound CampOdo, in the Crimson Mirelands
32The Headache-Stricken PsyduckMartia, in the Crimson Mirelands1 Max Revive
33What A Massive MushroomMorel, via Laventon’s Chalkboard5 Candy Truffles
34Croagunk’s Curative PoisonPesselle, via Laventon’s Chalkboard3 Full Heals
3 Exp Candy S
35Battling With PachirisuRen, via Laventon’s Chalkboard3 Sitrus Berries
1 Grit Gravel
36Watering With CareOdo, via Laventon’s Chalkboard15 Heavy Balls
3 Exp Candy S
37The Fragrance Of Nostalgic HerbsRisa, via Laventon’s Chalkboard5 Smoke Bombs
2 Exp Candy S
38Gone Astray In The MirelandsZeke, via Laventon’s Chalkboard3 Stardust
39All About MagikarpCeci, in Jubilife Village1 Rare Candy
40The Charm Lost In The SwampYojiro, in the Crimson Mirelands5 Iron Chunks
1 Grit Gravel
41An Elegant TailAsabei, in Jubilife Village2 Aux Evasion
2 Grit Gravel
42Help Wanted: Watering The FieldsMiller, in Jubilife Village
43More New WaresChoy, at the General Store
44The Pokémon In The Nighttime PhotoDagero, at the Photography Studio
45Shellos Of East And WestAnthe, at the Clothing Store
46Setting Up The Coastlands CampGully, in the Cobalt Coastlands
47Balloon Race In The CoastlandsBalloon Race Guy, Cobalt Coastlands1 Nugget
10 Ultra Balls
48Taste Of HomeFloaro, in Jubilife VillageJubilife Muffins Recipe
49Keep An Eye Out For Aipom!Hiko, in the Cobalt Coastlands5 Scatter Bang
1 Exp Candy M
50Double The Tails, Double The FunNetta, in Jubilife Village1 Star Piece
51Coming Up RosesHimeno, in the Obsidian Fieldlands1 Seed of Mastery
52Eevee’s EvolutionsFloaro, in Jubilife Village1 Rare Candy
1 Evolution Stone
53Octillery’s InkRadisa, in Jubilife Village5 Bean Cakes
54Serving Up Swap SnacksBonn, in Jubilife VillageSwap Snack Recipe
55Poor, Peckish PiplupMaris, in the Cobalt Coastlands5 Razz Berries
3 Hyper Potions
56Getting Help From MachokeBosley, in the Cobalt Coastlands3 Grit Gravel
1 Aux Powerguard
57The Taste Of HoneyAlmous, via Laventon’s Chalkboard3 King’s Leaf
3 Dazzling Honey
58Gone Astray In The CoastlandsZeke, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Star Piece
59Misdreavus The Hairstyle MuseArezu, in Jubilife Village
60Help Wanted: Rock Smashing In The FieldsMiller, in Jubilife Village
61Even More New WaresChoy, in General Store
62The Pokémon In The River PhotoDagero, at the Photography Studio
63Fancy, Fashionable WormadamAnthe, at the Clothing Store
64Getting To Know GhostsWard, in Jubilife Village1 Linking Cord
65Setting Up The Mountain CampEshim, in the Coronet Highlands
66The Sea’s LegendLaventon, via the Chalkboard3 Comet Shards
67The Clefairy’s Moonlit DanceAstair, via Laventon’s Chalkboard5 Salt Cakes
2 Exp Candy M
68A Nosepass To Guide The WayGully, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Black Augurite
2 Exp Candy M
69Gone Astray In The HighlandsZeke, via Laventon’s Chalkboard2 Star Pieces
70Colorful New LooksAnthe, at the Clothing Store
71New Wares Yet AgainChoy, at the General Store
72Peselle’s Easy ErrandPeselle, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Adamant Mint
1 Modest Mint
73Which Is The Real Burmy?Leif, Jubilife Village1 Leaf Stone
3 Exp Candy M
74A Bit Of Help From BlisseyPippa, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Shiny Stone
2 Max Revives
75Kirlia The Hairstyle MuseArezu, in Jubilife Village
76Mushroom Hunting With SwinubMorel, via Laventon’s Chalkboard5 Sand Radish
1 Exp Candy L
77Gone Astray In The FieldlandsZeke, via Laventon’s Chalkboard3 Star Pieces
78Setting Up The Icepeak CampBrice, at the Alabaster Icelands
79Balloon Race In The IcelandsBalloon Race Guy, Alabaster Icelands3 Nuggets
80The Perfect Pickle RecipeRadisa, in Jubilife VillageTwice-Spiced Radish Recipe
81In Search Of A Fiery PokémonBrice, at the Alabaster Icelands2 Full Restore
1 Exp Candy L
82Traces Of A Lost VillageMani, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Dawn Stone
83Snow-White Vulpix In The SnowKeaka, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Exp Candy L
84The Bergmite EnthusiastDominia, Alabaster Icelands3 Grit Pebbles
85A Home Under The EavesIda, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Rare Candy
1 Sun Stone
86Gone Astray In The IcelandsZeke, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Ice Stone
5 Star Pieces
1 Peat Block
87Rolling With SphealSenki, at the Coronet Highlands5 Stick Globs
1 Rare Candy
88Steely LucarioRye, via Laventon’s Chalkboard1 Grit Rock
89The Diamond Clan’s TreasureAdaman, at the Crimson Mirelands1 Adamant Crystal
3 Comet Shards
90The Pearl Clan’s TreasureIridia, at the Alabaster Icelands1 Lustrous Globe
3 Comet Shards
91On The Trail Of GiratinaAdaman, in Jubilife Village1 Griseous Orb
1 Grit Rock
92A Token Of GratitudeMedi, via Laventon’s Chalkboard 1 Grit Rock
93The Darksome NightmareCael, via Laventon’s Chalkboard 1 Exp Candy XL
94Incarnate Forces Of HisuiCogita, via Laventon’s Chalkboard4 Exp Candy L

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