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How to catch Shaymin in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Little hedgehog, get in the ball

Updated: Nov 10, 2022 10:36 am
How to catch Shaymin in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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As with Darkrai, Shaymin is locked behind save data for Sword and Shield. You only need one, but to unlock the little creature in the grass, you need that save data and to have completed the game. 

Following completion of the game, you’ll be given a quest in the Obsidian Fieldlands by the woman near the big rock as you enter the area. After talking to her, you’ll need to hop onto Braivary and fly over to the segment of land filled with dead flowers. 

After a brief cutscene, Shaymin will be ready to catch. They’ll be immediately on the defence, so don’t even try to sneak on it. Just throw your favourite Pokemon at it to initiate a battle and then do your thing. 

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Shaymin is pretty strong, despite its size and can be a boon in any team you happen to put it in, as it can use a wide variety of moves. 

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